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  1. E

    Any advice or Help for myself : looking for Beavis & Butthead or Rocko's Modern Life

    I seem to have had this problem for several years now I have a problem trying to search for HQ ( high quality or big sized ) images from characters from the 90's I see all these shirts that people have heat transfers on to shirts and always wonder where did they these amazing images at...
  2. fogo00

    Hi everybody. Um.. I didn't make an introduction, so here it is XD

    I'm a 17 yo brasillian guy (sorry for english mistakes), and wanted to practice/learn more about photoshop because I'm gonna use it a lot on my job (I'm aiming at game designer), and this forum is a great way to practice, ask questions and see how others do it. People here are also very polite...
  3. H

    Need Quick Help

    I need some help here, since I don't have Photoshop at the moment I would like to make simple request. I need this picture edited so that only the photo itself is visible, I want the wooden table in the background removed so the picture looks as if it is a still image instead of a photo and if...
  4. K

    Could someone edit a picture for me please?

    Hey there. Could anybody edit a picture for me please? Here are 3 pictures of my nephew (face is cut out due to me not wanting him to be on the internet) I can paste the face back in by myself but it please don't change the lighting if possible (otherwise i would have a problem when pasting...
  5. C

    I was skiing with my girl, and need some help of u! :) Some removing of lil things

    Hello guys, last weekend, I was skiing with my girl. Was quite funny, and we took some pictures. But, taking pictures with two big helmets etc isnt that easy :D I could need help of u :) Pic A: Pic A: Is it possible to remove the hand, holding the camera? and maybe getting rid of this white...
  6. G

    Corner fill stadium

    Hi was wondering if someone could fill corners. Just the bottom tiers and have big screens above in corners. Also wouldn't mind seeing two tier to two tier joined and bottom of one tier to bottom of two tier joined with big screen above. Many thanks
  7. J

    Problem with making PDF

    Hello PS Crew, I started updating my portfolio, and got problem when exporting to PDF. PS doesn't want to export (a normal gray) rectangle. He just doesn't exist on PDF. Everything else is fine. I don't see that there is any problem with my file, it's not too big, and PDF size is 6.655 KB...
  8. H

    Help with crooked tie

    Hi everyone!
  9. L

    Anybody fix my lil Jedi?

    Hello, I really like this picture I took of Keolet, the pose, the (unintentional) Jedi style clothes, and the fact the multicoloured wand chose that moment to be solid green. In technical terms, it's not so great. The big window behind has messed up the lighting, and if I zoom in the image...
  10. gedstar

    Challenge #41: Submission thread - Create Your Own Colorful Sneakers Poster

    Here's the submission thread for PSG Challenge #41! A big thanks to ChrisDesign for coming up with the latest challenge here Create Your Own Colorful Sneakers Poster All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have any comments or would like...
  11. J

    Need help editing this image

    I just need a little help with this image. My nephew caught his first fish and it was pretty big! The only problem is, is that the image makes the fish look much fore smaller than in real life. If you could please just make this fish look a little bigger, but not TOO big. Also please remove the...
  12. M


    Hey all, New to the forum and hope to meet new contacts, learn new things and pick the occasional brain! Big hello from at the moment a Sunny Yorkshire! ;) B
  13. R

    Preparing billboards and other large prints (was: Advice workspace PSD)

    Hello everyone, i hope that i can explain myself a little bit so its a little clearly. u must design a big oject in PSD i learn i must design 1:1 t 300dpi , when start printing i export (safe) the jpeg at 150 dpi so its very sharp. the object is 6 meters large and 3 meters high when i do...
  14. M

    Help Fixing a Photo

    I'm trying to get the sun spots out of a photo, Is there anyone out there who could hep ? I would really appreciate it as it is a picture my wife and I took on our honeymoon in Hawaii and we wanted to have it blown up and put on the wall in our new home. The file is too big to attach but it is a...
  15. plaincollar


    Oh. I have been a member for six months without having added anything useful to the community. Wrong by me. Will be improvement. .//Plaincollar (Big fan of member Inkz btw) :wave2:
  16. M

    too much sun...

    Hi! I am a beginner photographer. One of my friends asked me to shoot her wedding. On this photo iv got sum sun spots goin on. I feel really bad that It isn't turning out..I really wanted this picture to turn out. is there anyway u can fix it? n maybe fix up the lighting a little bit? I would...
  17. D

    How do I go about creating an image of this same style?

    Wanted to make my own so I could make it a big print for my house.
  18. dv8_fx

    IF PSG RULED, vote your winner for Challenge #30

    It's a much better place if PSG Rules..... Thanks to all of you who took part. And a big hand to MrTom for hosting this edition of the Challenge!!!! Now it's time to vote our winner!!! ANY MEMBER CAN VOTE.... but to the participants, please don't vote for yourself.... lol VOTING ENDS ON...
  19. dv8_fx

    It's HOOGLEDAY....

    The Staff and members at PSGurus would like to wish our SSM (Single Senior Moderator) :cheesygrin:, @Hoogle ..... :wave1:A SWINGING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:wave1: HIT IT, GUYS ...... :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: ....... A big thanks to you for years of service, helpfulness and activity in...
  20. P

    CS2 and CC2015 UI too small or too large on a full hd monitor

    Hi all, I recently change my notebook into a model with a monitor FULL HD 1920x1080 (native). My res is 1920x1080 and my Windows scaling is 150%. I have these problems with UI: Photoshop CS=TOO small. (impossible to work because the panels are too small for my eyes!) Photoshop CC 2015=TOO...