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Voting Poll for Challenge 41

  • Eggy

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • Jerry D

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Helios

    Votes: 6 50.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Here's the submission thread for PSG Challenge #41!

A big thanks to ChrisDesign for coming up with the latest challenge here Create Your Own Colorful Sneakers Poster

All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have any comments or would like to engage in friendly banter, please post them at the sound room of Challenge Announcement Thread.

Best of luck to all and looking forward to seeing some interesting creations

Submissions end on Wednesday, September 14th at midnight GMT
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I just want to remind all members that you are encouraged to vote for these challenges.

So all of you members who are signed into the forum using TapaTalk, we're asking that you participate and vote as well!
Congratulations Helen! Well deserved! It was a beautiful interpretation for "just playing".
Congratulations!! Very well done! :clap: