1. anthonylam

    Underwater Blending Effect | Photoshop 2021 Tutorial

    A quick tutorial on how to blend dark and light pixels quickly.
  2. Pipsmom

    Composite Fantasy Manipulation Play

    ChrisDesign inspired me yesterday with a master piece he did in Blender..... so that set me off to try and do something Arty in Photoshop. Not as good as his...and still not satisfied with reflections but it was good practice......But boy did I have fun experimenting with blending I encourage...
  3. A

    Getting ridges on lines. Not sure why.

    So after my last thing about grids/guides, I managed to complete what I was doing. After completing it, I noticed some lines were not straight, sharp. I'm using CS3 and those boxes were created, specifically those lines, via stroke in blending options. I used a shape tool to make the square...
  4. Taylor Ott

    Need help defining picture

    Hello, I need help defining this picture if you would kindly feel to do so. I need the baby in the pool to seem more like she is actually on the water in the baby pool. i need the babies face to be able to be more clear and seen better, but also blending in well with the rest of the picture...
  5. O

    Need Help for shadow ad gloss

    Hy everyone i need tutorials how to make gas tank like this, Mod Edit link not working Actually first i use pen tool than i use blending option but its doesn't come real. An than i use brush than i decrease the opacity it came same. And ths what i have done with that
  6. M

    Merging 2 pictures together for a custom card play mat

    There is a website for making custom card playmats (for magic the gathering, pokemon, etc) and you can upload a custom image to have your own printed. The play mat (and image) needs to be 24 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, at 150 PPI I would like the 2 images blended into one another forming...
  7. A

    Resizing Blending Options Tab

    Hey, new to this website. I was just wondering if there was anyway to resize this "blending options" tab. There's no resizing arrows on the side of it. It'd be much easier to use if I was able to see the image as I was using blending options on it. Thanks.
  8. R

    Lui Bolin type effect possible with photoshop?

    Is there a way to recreate this type of blending with a photograph effect just using photoshop?
  9. J

    Photoshopping/Skinning/Blending? Any methods I can do this?

    i need some help with blending in photoshop. i explained it in this video: here's the picture i'm trying to edit. i'm trying to get the face to blend in with the body: and here's the picture i copied my face from: does anyone know any good ways...
  10. N

    Blending multiple focal lengths

    Hello everyone, I have been haunted by this question for the last two weeks and didn't manage to find an answer so far. In an interview, the famous landscape of photographer Ted Gore said that he blended two images (one shot at 14mm, the other at 24mm) so that the mountain in the background...
  11. C

    Placing a pattern in a shirt w/ realistic look

    Hello, I generally consider myself pretty good at Photoshop but I'm completely stumped with this. I'm trying to put various patterns into a blank shirt and make it look as realistic as possible. I tried changing the pattern layer blending mode to Color but it practically disappeared. I guess...
  12. J

    Need advice on my first photomanipulation

    Hi, i did my first photo manipulation and was wondering what i could do to improve my picture. For example, in my eyes i find the person in this picture still not blending enough in the background (e.g i can still see it is photoshopped ;p) How do i fix this? Regards, Jan Origional:
  13. V

    How do i make this Effect?

    I think i have an idea in photoshop with Blending the photos but perhaps someone knows exactly how to get this image effect . Here is pic from a tradeshow. I would like to get the same effect with a piece of equipment with a blue background. Thanks for the advice in advance. chris
  14. D

    Blending details from a BW picture with same picture in color but with less details

    Hi, I've shot the full moon yesterday, I've got quite a good version of the Black and White moon with lot of details, later in the night I tried to shoot the red moon, but this one is less sharp than my BW version, is there a way to blend the colors of the softer version with the BW version...
  15. pslane

    Where are my blending tools?

    In PS CC 2015, there are some blending selections missing. What's happened to them? I was going to use the outer glow and there is none. Thank you. pslane
  16. T

    BLENDING COLOR: Sunset Glow

    This is my first tutorial
  17. E

    value or color blending mode

    coloring a greyscale image hi there, i am very confused about photoshops blending modes. it would be cool to have a blending mode so that the layer to wich the blending mode is applied only effects the hue and saturation of the layers below. now to me color sounded as it would do the...
  18. M

    Multiple photos blending - how

    How do I make a composition of multiple photos so that the edges are not visible and it seems like it is one photo, like in the photo attached
  19. Paul

    Just playing with blending

    Yeah i know the chins not right, but hey ho the power went again... :mrgreen:
  20. M

    How to get a blending mode to just affect the layer directly below it

    :banghead: This is driving me crazy. I want to constrain the blending mode of one layer to interact ONLY with the layer directly below it. Like clipping an adjustment layer. I read one post about option clicking between the two layers and the cursor turns into 2 double rings and you click and...