1. C

    Specific Edit my body

    Hi, I just wanted to see what my body would look like after a few months in the gym, so if someone can help me it would be very helpful. Nothing over the top just dial abs, puff up the chest or enlarge the arms, whatever, thanks. And sorry for the English I am using google translator to write this.
  2. B

    Specific Can someone please edit my snorkeling photo

    I'd like it if someone could make me tanner, make my butt look bigger and perkier/waist smaller, and also add some cool fish into the water if possible!:) Thank you so much!
  3. T

    Photo removal and replacement individual [$10]

    Please photoshop me (asian guy) into this picture of my girlfriends family at the beach Please adjust my body to the shadow from the umbrella and proportion my body to match the rest of the people in the picture. If possible make it as realistic as possible in which it looks as if I was in the...
  4. M


    Hey! I love this picture-- but not digging the unsightly roll on the ride side of my body. Could someone help me smooth that out? Lol :) thanks guys.
  5. C

    Need help with picture

    Ok so I need help with getting just the face of a friend onto the body of the quaker oats guy. this is the picture of my friend. My friend is the guy. So just his face on the body of this quaker oats guys. If it's possible I need it by Saturday. I really hope someone can help...
  6. B

    Can somebody help me please

    Could you please help re design this logo, we have tried to design a logo for a business idea however as a Photoshop novice's, it hasn't worked as planned. we would like the writing (body arkitect sculpt success) and the stars to be central and not touch the lines. We would like central...
  7. P

    Dark or light?

    Wich one do ya prefer ? One is a chat list, with also the view of an open chat, and the other screen is a notification sidebar. We had it for the beginning in white. But toughed maybe, we could highlight the sidebars more from the body when we change the color of it. What do ya think, light...
  8. T

    Logo design I'd appreciate your help. Thanks

    Hi, I've been designing my new logo, all day long. I'm not native, and not a professional photoshop user so I'm not sure where to find some help in youtube/google for my problem. I draw a figure who meditates and I filled the body with the sunset. But I'm stocked and I can't go further. I...
  9. G

    Color change please

    I simply need the yellow feather to be changed to white and the silver body connecting the feathers black. Please help
  10. W

    Help me ...I need to change everyone body tone

    I want to make make the body color same for everyone. How can i do that ? Please help me Guide me.
  11. W

    How to add this same effect ?

    How the give the same effect to body ? same color ? Please Guide me
  12. S

    How do you make contours of a body smooth?

    Hi! I recently took a photo with steel wool and long exposure, and the result came out alright, except for how her body has sparks coming off the left side of her body, making it look jagged/wavy. How would I remove this and create a more natural appearance? Also, any suggestions on how I...
  13. Paul

    Challenge: Turn photo of girl into Manga

    Turn this woman into a Manga styled creation, either just the head or incorporate her remade head into a whole body scene (your choice). :mrgreen: This is a typical Manga face for reference (if you didn't know what one was). Have fun.
  14. K

    Need help photoshopping a head onto another body?

    I've tried absolutely everything and I cannot get this to look realistic. I've been trying (for days) to add my sister's head onto another body. Long story short: My sister's birthday is this weekend and we are trying to make this "mock photo" into a card for her, it's a hilarious somewhat...
  15. Lorenzo

    HELP ME: Photomanipulation "Girl face on other body"

    I have to change the skin color of the face like the color of the body. I already tried to use the option in "Image -> Adjustments" but with no progress, can you help me? :) *Sorry for wrong english, i'm italian*
  16. M

    Body Retouching.. Opinion?

    Hi, i am trying to learn new things in photoshop (retouching right now) and i need some feed back, so i will now what to change and stuff like that.. sorry if my english isn't best :D After Before
  17. adeee

    Dos any body recognize this font?

    I want to know the font name of the word torment. in picture below. its captcha. anyone.?
  18. Paul

    Transformational disfigurement of the mind body and soul

    Hope you like the new person:)
  19. J

    Hi every body

    Hi I am new here And also i love Photoshop so i also make site and also join this forum. Thanks
  20. F

    Can someone help me with this head on another body photo?

    I think I have it mostly right, but the neck area looks REALLY bad. Can anyone help me on how to do this? Literally just started using Photoshop hours ago and I'm getting the hang of it.