1. A

    Challenge#54: ManToWomanToMan

    Time for the new challenge! Thanks to chrisdesign for his fun challenge. This challenge consist on convert a picture of a man into a woman or vicer versa. I was bored so i made one as and example. Please post one picture with the 'before and after'! Entries must be submitted by Saturday...
  2. J

    Got Bored

    Lightning Bolt
  3. agentmoeller

    Angry Koala...

    A logo I did for a non-existent company. Just bored....
  4. hershy314

    Titan and Cruze renders

    Got bored so I thought I'd do a couple of before and after.
  5. GreenManiac

    Greetings from namibia!!

    Just saying hi to all. I have some photo-shopping experience, but still far from being a guru. I happened to find this forum while being bored and felt like doing some photo-shopping since I haven't done any in quit a while.
  6. A

    Vampire enjoying Summer

    Sorry about this one, i was really bored today :bustagut:. Cheers!
  7. A

    Just Bored

    Today i was a little bored so i start making this mountage, didn't have any idea at the begining,so i just choose a picture and start working, everithing has been improvised while doing it. So... no ocult message . :biglaff:. Cheers!
  8. gedstar

    New Photo Manip

    Just bored on a Saturday afternoon so came up with this, comments welcome!
  9. R

    hello friends

    Hey there, I work as a fulltime retoucher, went to school for photography, and have been using photoshop since ver 4. I've got a lot of knowledge and thoughts on techniques and tricks that I'd love to share, and I've got a few questions of my own! :cheesygrin: I got bored over a /r/photoshop...
  10. Paul

    Biro pen drawing

    Real nerve needed for this style of drawing:wink: Black pen cheap printer paper, again got lost in the moment the moon got away from me and by this time i was BORED again. :cheesygrin:
  11. Paul

    Mona the warrior princess

    Just playing, bit bored today. :mrgreen:
  12. iamJAWS

    scary forest

    As being bored, I made this image. It is all made only by photoshop from scratch. I would really like your opinion. And if I could make something better please tell me so :D Thanks!
  13. hershy314

    Dark World

    Feels like forever since I've been on here. Been busy with school and work so not doing much else. I got bored and decided to get chopin. This is what I came up with.
  14. sprucemagoo1

    Just got bored at three in the morn!

    What else is there to do at 3 in the morning? :eek:
  15. N

    I was bored-- so I made space.

    After work yesterday, I decided just to have a bit of fun with Photoshop and decided to see what I could do from scratch, with no references, no textures, no stocks, no nothin. And so, I made space. As an artistic piece, it isn't that interesting, but I guess I'm pretty proud of this as an exercise.
  16. S


    was bored so I put my face onto a celeb ( jason statham ) anyone else wanna try one :P?
  17. iNoob

    100% bored

    c4d modeling again
  18. Z

    got bored :P

    my latest image. i felt the need to get a project down. critique and advice is welcome. original image:
  19. Vafann

    What happens when I get bored

    Any suggestions? Lol.
  20. iDad

    I was bored, Shared Chops

    no contest just a drop it here type of thread :rolleyes: All photoshop ,junkies have em............. so post em .lol Bored so I made this and you?:mrgreen: