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  1. Eggy

    Phlearn contest

    He's having a contest and provided a bunch a photo's of himself. I will not compete but I couldn't resist using one of his photo's to make this
  2. C

    Evening All

    Hi, let me introduce myself....I'm Paul from Cumbria in England. I've had a quick look about and you seem a friendly helpful bunch so I thought I'd hop in and say hello. I hope it finds you all well Take care and be happy.
  3. J

    My First Bunch of Signatures..

    Hey people, i am new to photoshop and im in the process of learning how to make some cool sigs so i know they are not awesome ect... These are the only ones i have done i will show them in order of 1st to latest, some of these did not turn out as i wanted but meh, here they are. Feedback is...
  4. T

    Merging a bunch of files from 1 folder and auto aligning them

    Hi All I am new to this forum and would like to say hello! before posting a request. Ok..on to the request with a little background about me what I am trying to achieve. Basically every week I am in need of getting around 15 PSD files printed on a textile printer. Now the textile printer can...
  5. Vafann

    How to save a bunch of transparent snakes?

    How do you save a bunch of transparent snakes? I´m going to try to explain what I want to do and then maybe someone can help tell me how to do it? Ok, let’s say for example that I want to make something like a Medusa head, a head with a bunch of snakes coming out of it all over the place...