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camera raw

  1. I

    Scripting How to get snapshots?

    I wonder whether it is possible with a script to output the "snapshots" of the Camera-Raw-filter contained in an XMP file as individual JPG files or directly as individual layers in one PSD file. Here is a RAW example with 3 snapshots.
  2. C

    Hello from Italy!

    Hello mates, I'm a photographer/photoshopper from Rome!
  3. B

    Menu commands blanked out

    Hi I recently had to change my pc (XP to Win 7 64 pro) and have been trying to restore my CS5 v12.04. I reloaded my original CS2 followed by the CS5 update that I bought afterwards. The problem I have is that 60% of my dropdown menus are blank, and Camera Raw is not as complete as formerly. I...
  4. R

    Actions Apply a Camera RAW preset to a Smart Object in an action

    So I'm building an action to stage a Camera RAW Smart Object file and get it ready for some manual HDR. I've hit a wall in my actioning with trying to apply a Camera RAW preset I made. I export the files from Lightroom as Smart Objects and in the action double click the SO and PS stops...
  5. C

    Image formats as related to Photoshop

    I understand that my .NEF (Nikon) Raw files come into PS via Camera Raw. I understand that after working on my files it's a good idea to save as PSD to preserve layers. I understand I can eventually save JPGs to use them in various arenas. My question is this: Can I get a quick explanation of...
  6. F

    Missing "Snapshots" tab from Camera Raw in Photoshop

    I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC with Camera Raw For some reason I have no "Snapshots" tab available in Camera Raw. It's there in Lightroom (with Camera Raw 8.5) and it works fine, just not in PS. What gives? By the way I can't upgrade Camera Raw because it's a work computer. I can't...
  7. X

    Retouch totally with Camera Raw

    I just used Camera Raw for this picture, I think it's nice.
  8. zoephoto

    CS6 Bridge camera raw issue! Help!

    I may be missing an obvious setting, but my camera raw dialogue box has had a new set of sliders in CS6 then it did in CS5 - it will have exposure with contrast right under, instead of cs5 where contrast is at the bottom, etc. Some raw files are opening up that old cs5 dialogue box in cs6...
  9. M

    Camera Raw CS6 "Auto" tweak

    Afternoon all, I generally find that the "Auto" setting in Camera Raw gives me a good place to start from, but my recent batches of photos it's been correcting each around 0.5ev too bright. Is there a way for me to tell it "I like my photos a bit darker please"? Thanks in advance
  10. Y

    Camera Raw 7.1 does not show the correct colors

    I am using Photoshop cs6 extended on Asus laptop G75v my system information is: -Windows 8 -17 inch screen LED -16GB Ram -Gforce Nvida 3GB display card -Intel Core i7 processor -64 bit system -240 GB SSD hard disk as primary My issue is when i open an image in Photoshop the colors are...
  11. LDMartin1959

    Duplicate Camera Raw Clarity in PS

    I have seen an explanation of Camera Raw's clarity setting, what it does and the PhotoShop equivalent adjustments (can't lay my hands on it at the moment but I'm sure I could find it again). However, the explanation that I saw seemed to apply only to positive values on the clarity slider. I am...
  12. peta62

    Camera RAW for Canon 5D Mark III ?

    Hello, does anybody have an idea how or where to find about Camera RAW support for Canon 5D Mark III in Photoshop ? I have downloaded the new Camera raw update from Adobe web, but it still does not accept its format. Thank you, Peter
  13. T

    Can't get .NEF images into Camera Raw 6.6 without becoming .JPG

    For some reason when I attempt to open an .NEF image in Camera Raw 6.6, the image automatically loads as a .JPG. Is there a way to keep the image in the native .NEF format when bringing it into ACR 6.6 -- the eventual goal is to then open the Raw image in Photoshop CS5. Thanks!
  14. S

    Camera Raw processing for .BMP images

    Hi - Does anyone know how I can open .bmp files within the Camera Raw adjustment panel when you open images from within Bridge? I'd like to work on some old images and am pretty certain i can tweak them the way that I would like within the controls there. Thanks, Peter OSX CS3