1. hazelhealy01

    Specific Foreground item removal - man sitting down - JPG illustration

    Good afternoon, I have been struggling to remove the man sitting down in the centre foreground. I have no problem with legs but the upper half has been proving extremely difficult. Grateful for some help with this. Thanks very much! Hazel
  2. mike998

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me $15.00

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me look at the picture to see what I want .
  3. S

    NEWBIE: Seeking help with creating a certain type of effect

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so hoping it's okay to post this kind of request here. I'm working on a project and I want to create an image thats kind of "cartoony"... The image I have attached is exactly what I am trying to create in terms of the effects.... the background is very high...
  4. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Draw A Mood Changing Bear In Adobe Illustrator

    This is a quick tutorial on how to draw a mood changing bear in Adobe illustrator. It made very simple so even a beginner can follow along.
  5. C

    (Request) could someone clean this up for me?

    Hello, could someone clean this up for me? And if possible make it look like a basic cartoon! If not I understand.
  6. U

    What's the best way to transform a photo into a simple cartoon/clipart?

    I want to create images like this from a portrait of a person. It doesn't have to look too realistic and the person has a very unique appeareance. Examples:
  7. D

    How to?????

    Hey ppl, i work a while now with PS CC 2014 and I would like to know how to create an image like the one i attached thanks for your guys help.
  8. W

    How do you create this kind of images (fauvism?!)

    I see alot of these pictures using only yellow blue and red. and I wonder how you can do that? Can you turn any image into that with photoshop or do you have to do it from scratch? I would like to create my own picture from a cartoon picutre f.e. family guy or so...:happy: Thx :cheesygrin:
  9. Paul

    KK's cartoon app

  10. F

    What Do You Call This Process? Need Help Converting Photo into This ??

    Hello - First off I don't know what to call this or how it is done. I am looking for info weather it be a article write up or youtube video. I'd rather have a video I hate reading. What do you call this? please see pic I attached. I think it's done with an actual photograph and they...
  11. O

    Design game backgrounds

    Hey i am a game developer and i am having trouble with the graphics especially in designing bacgrounds for my games, i dont want to design anything to fancy just a cartoon background that will look good something in this style: where can i learn to do that?
  12. B

    Best way to create a logo

    Hello What would be the best way, please of developing something like this - with or without the flower - into a logo? The image des not need to be realistic but I would want to avoid a 'cartoon' effect. The final image will be small, about 250 wide and 130 high and is for a charity Web site...
  13. M

    Q: creating the cartoon filter from camera360 ios app in ps

    Hi Did a quick forum search but my network is very slow here( its my vacation adress) so i ask my question before i do finish a full search .On my iphone i havce this great app called camera360 it has a very nice cartoon effect . I would like to achieve this in PS.But how ? Havent found any...
  14. Jessicayla

    Cartoon me!

    Long time no see, everyone. I'm liking the new forum layout :D Anywho, I made a drawing, as seen here: And turned it into an icon for myself! I suck at coloring so I think that was my major downfall here but I like the end result. Any tips on good brushes to help color in stuff like this and...
  15. S

    How get this effect? [Dixit]

    I am working on a drawing project in Photoshop, and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on tools that can help a drawing or photo look like a Dixit - card game - drawing. See attached: thanks in advance, andrei
  16. A

    Help with detail

    I'm pretty much almost terrible at anything creative, but I've tried to make a somewhat cartoon image. It lacks a lot of things one of them being detail and I was hoping someone could help me out with it. Anything feedback would be appreciated.
  17. P

    [help] how to make this design please

    Hi guys i am new to photoshop I just want to know how the cartoon of that big muscular guys is created i mean i want to take nay image and make it that way just black and white or color simple cartoon any help will be super appreciated please :)
  18. C

    Characters And Painting

    I am currently working on somthing that will require me to make cartoon characters and color them. So far ive drawn them on paper and put them on my computer. My plan was to scan the image to my computer and use it as a template to place vectors over and reshape them. After about three hours...
  19. D2AP

    Photoshop Tutorial | How to Posterize/Cartoon an Image

    Hope you all enjoy this tutorial. It got sent in to me to upload from one of my subs and as some of you may or may not know I upload my tuts along with anyone else who wants an upload.
  20. M

    first cartoon edit from a photo of me

    what do you guys think?