1. N

    Change color of an image

    Can someone change the color of this logo from black to blue please?
  2. K

    Colours change

    Hello, can someone please change the background of this photo in black simple and the text with a goldish yellow style maybe something like
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Pipe Wall

    Tube arrangements fascinate me again and again. Though it doesn't always have to be steampunk. Instead of steam it can also be water drops for a change. Created with Blender 3D. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
  4. S

    Logo font change guru needed please

    Hello, I've just found Photoshop Gurus forum and hope some kind soul will help with my request. Thank you in advance for your viewing and consideration. After 8 years I'm transferring my website to WordPress and would like my logo font to match the new website heading font which will be...
  5. C

    Can someone change the background for me? Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me replace the background and change it with something else? I tried doing it myself but Photoshop is too hard for me.Maybe just remove the background (vehicles) so its only me in the picture or make the background blurred so I will be the only one shown or being...
  6. D

    Please help edit and change backgrround

    Hey, i need help to make me look more fair in this pic and change the background to any cool place, you think will be suitable and awesome. Thank you in advance
  7. K

    Request color change

    If you can to change the green with red.
  8. A

    Please help change Text color

    Can you please help change the writing on the bottom where it says Music by Sivaro to white instead of black? Thank you
  9. K

    Could someone edit a picture for me please?

    Hey there. Could anybody edit a picture for me please? Here are 3 pictures of my nephew (face is cut out due to me not wanting him to be on the internet) I can paste the face back in by myself but it please don't change the lighting if possible (otherwise i would have a problem when pasting...
  10. G

    Photoshop request!

    Hi there! I was hoping someone could help me change the number on my back to 1383... thank you very much!!
  11. P

    Help! Please change the background and touch it up

    Help! Please change the background and touch it up
  12. W

    help change my background please

    hello! I would like to change my background. Please remove the top rail of the chair, the big frame, and the flowers. (The books and the tiny frames can stay, but it's up to you) I want my background to be plain and simple but not very white I want to make it appear as if it was taken in the...
  13. N

    Change The color of LOGO

    Hello...... can someone help me please?? I want to change this colored Logo to White/Black logo I want it to be something like this logo Black borders and white background I will be very thankful if someone helps me. Thank You.
  14. H

    Please help me choose the colour of my bike...

    Can someone help me choose a colour for my bike? Could you please change the colour of the plastic (Front mudgard, tank and rear tail) To one of the following two colours. Candy apple green Stelth Grey Also if you could change the lower fork legs to the same colour as the engine...
  15. Eggy

    3D PSG 3D Typography

    Last one (for now). I've found a nice set of free IBL and couldn't resist using it by making a shiny thing. (Chris is gonna love it) The original is 5000 X 3500 px @ 300 ppi and I pushed 'render' before I went to bed. Estimated render time according to PS; 7 hrs and some change...
  16. A

    Help me change our window color

    HI everyone. first post here. we are replacing our windows and we were hoping someone could photoshop them in two colors for me. We want all the white windows, front door, and garage trim done in both black, and very dark brown (almost black). Also, if you could change the color of the...
  17. M

    Changing the colours of lines

    Hey guys I wander if you could advice me. I'm creating illustrations using colour pencils, then I scan and play with colour reversing. However I am not completely happy with the fact that black contours after reversing colours, change into white, it's too agressive. I would like to be able to...
  18. C

    Background change, skin tone and hair curls remove

    Anybody please refine the hair curls and even the skin tone and change the background of that image...If you can, also change the costume...Please help me...Thank you
  19. L

    Hair Colour

    Hiya, wondering if anyone is able to change my hair to ginger/redhead. Thank you
  20. U

    Can someone make the car matte black and make rims gold please.

    you can also change the rims if you want. thank you.