1. S

    change the backdrop?

    can someone change the backdrop so it looks like my car is in a different place? i was hoping somenoe can make a realistic chop of my car with the background of a night time lit up times square. please and thank you!
  2. D

    Request. Please change colours on my house picture

    hi all I am starting a rennovation project of a house and would like to see how it would look in different colours please. I am failing to upload picture of the it its telling me it exceeds limit size. I can PM it to interested parties. Thanks in advance
  3. G

    How to change body silhouette porpotions

    Hi, I want to reduce the length of the legs a bit and straighten the back one out a bit. How can you go about this without changing a lot of the anchor points? Is there a way to select a portion of the leg or image and move it separately? Appreciate any help. Thanks Tony
  4. R

    Please help me change a black png file to white.

    I have a logo in the form of a png file. It is text with a drop shadow and has a transparent background. This works well on a sites light background but they want to be able to use it on black backgrounds also. Can anyone tell me how to change this black logo to white and keep the subtle...
  5. R

    Change color of Sample points - possible?

    Hi When setting black, white and gray points on an image (using Thresholds and Curves) I often find that a sample point for the gray point disapears in the image (a gray point against the gray of the image). Does anyone know of a way to change the color of the sample point so it shows up on a...
  6. H

    Photoshop Request: Change clothing color

    Hello! Could any of you great photoshoppers help me change the color of the dress please? To any kind of blue is alright. And I hope it's not too much trouble, but could you help get rid of the bracelets too, pretty please? I'm more than a noob at photoshop, so here I am asking for a favour...
  7. LadyJemima

    Huh -- want to change a shortcut but am given a red stop sign...

    I want to change Fit to Screen to Cmd + \. When I try to do this, Photoshop gives me a red stop sign and says "Cannot be assigned because it is used by Channel Path to select Layer Mask." Now, usually you will be given a yellow warning triangle and Photoshop will let you change it anyway...
  8. LadyJemima

    CS5 won't let me change a shortcut?

    I want to change the Curves shortcut. I go to the Keyboard Shortcut menu and sure enough, there it is. I click it and am able to delete the shortcut. #1) How is one supposed to enter the "command" (mac) key? If I simply hit it, nothing happens. #2) If I try to enter another key...
  9. C

    Scrolling through fonts and change doesn't show

    I upgraded to CS5 and cannot scroll through the fonts and see the change in my type layer. I know it's supposed to work, but can't seem to find out why it isn't. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. D

    How to change object colors to black or white ?

    Since changing hue values does not give such a result i was wondering if there is proper way to do it. Desired result samples : Before : After :
  11. B

    Can I change the blending mode for several selected layers at once?

    Hi, I would like to change 20-30 selected layers to Multiplay blending mode at once. How can I do this? 10x
  12. R

    How to change the black background to white behind the glowing bulb?

    Please check this image and suggest, i have Adobe Photoshop CS5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a professional but possess some knowledge of photoshop. Thank you in advance!!!
  13. D

    how to change depth

    hello by using photoshop CS5 i add an object or person to photo but i want to push him to the depth of photo such that i want it to look far from the camera or at the end of the photo i don't know how to explain that but i wish u understand me