1. gedstar

    How to Add Fog & Light in Photoshop

    Tutorial courtesy of Phlearn You can download the image and brushes for the tutorial but you need to create an account which is not a bad thing :cheesygrin: they have some wonderful free tutorials there More info...
  2. M

    Can I get some advice for this? TIA!

    Me and my Gf is in long distance relationship, so I decided to do this just for fun, but my knowledge in Photoshop brought me to this result :( can I have any advice for me to improve this project? any help will be highly appreciated. :cheesygrin:
  3. M

    May someone please remove the woman in the background?

    This was a special moment in my life. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help! :cheesygrin:
  4. Andros


    What's up people my name (on the forum) is Andors. Im beginner at the photoshop and english so sorry if i did wrote something wrong. hehe :cheesygrin:
  5. Eggy

    Holy Grass

    My last in a series of diorama's. It involves football (where the players use their feet to play). :cheesygrin: Just used two pictures of players, some textures and some Pixelsquid stuff.
  6. S


    Hi am steveray am thrilled to be part of this forum.Am beginner photoshoper and lot of things to learn from the Gurus in here. :cheesygrin:
  7. gedstar

    Photo Restore

    Bit of a quite day in work so had a go at this, probably could have done more with it but it's nearly going home time :cheesygrin: Before After
  8. Black Cat


    Hello guys, I am from Romania and just registered on the forum. I've recently started learning Photoshop and I really hope to master it one day. Can't wait to learn :cheesygrin:
  9. Mageeec

    hey everyone!

    Hey Everyone! im new here! nice to meet you guys! :cheesygrin:
  10. K


    Hello guys... i am kunjan from india, using photoshop from last 6 years i love to learn new things in photoshop hope i can learn some cool and new things here :) :cheesygrin:
  11. A

    Silly Game

    I am not sure but i think is something wrong with this famous paint :cheesygrin:
  12. A


    This is a work of restoration i did for a family member, some kids have strange faces but i am not a pinter :cheesygrin:
  13. Sidney Marshell

    Invisible man...!!

    Redo from a tutorial.. :cheesygrin: :cheesygrin: :lol: :lol: Before: After:
  14. Eggy

    3D Space station 3D

    Well, again one of my 3D exercises, totally from scratch, even the background. Maybe I'm really into sci fi... :cheesygrin: Only 93 min to render.
  15. Tom Mann

    Guess what I was photographing all day yesterday?

    Well, not quite all day, but close: from 0-dark-30 (ie, around 4 AM till dinner time). If no one guesses correctly, I'll keep adding more clues. :cheesygrin: Tom Clue #1:
  16. E

    Greetings from Indonesia

    Hello, thanks for having me. I hope I can be a good contributor to this community. Have a nice day all :cheesygrin:
  17. Chyina

    From the Dark Side

    This was a manip for an album cover I did. If you are wondering why it looks "off", well that's on purpose. :cheesygrin: The surreal look to it was inspired by the opening to "Tales from the Dark Side", a TV show from the 80s.
  18. Zain Khan

    Before and after of myself

    Just give suggestion how does it looks :) :cheesygrin:
  19. C

    Hey from chasetur!

    Hello All, I'm a 22 year old photographer and digital artist just looking to fine tune some of my Photoshop Skills. Hope learn something and share some knowledge as well. :cheesygrin: