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Holy Grass

Very nice work Eggy.
Like all your composites, this is a perfect Photoshop job, without doubt, though not my favorite in your diorama series. ( I'm not a real soccer fan myself).
Thanks again for showing us these interesting images here.
Thanks Chris and Ged.

I'm not a hardcore footballfan myself.
I saw the effect somewhere on the net and I thought 'I can do that too'.

And now I'm moving to new stuff...
I'M hard core football to the CORE it'self..... And I really like it. Very nice.... Notice myself that pixelsquid do some nice stuff, Down load the Photoshop Plug in, works quite well.
Thanks inkpad.t
Yes, Pixelsquid is a nice asset. Sometimes its hard to find an object with the right angle. Use Pixelsquid (if available) and do some post processing in PS.
Know what you mean... the pixel squid plug in for Photoshop allows you to rotate it in 3d space... so toy can get what angle you want, you can also adjust the lighting .
As a citiden of Barcelona and a Fcbarcelona suporter i like it :thumbsup:. as personal opinion i dont think it need the extra dirt, the background image with the flags i think is from uk (premier league) so dont really match with this players (la liga). The shadow on the floor coming from the grass square i think needs to be more dark near the square and more light at the end (hope is understandable i just wake up :rofl:).

Great job!

It's fantasy and a bit of artistic freedom is allowed...
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