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  1. S

    Finished works

    Hi everyone, I was/am wondering what people do with their finished work? I mean I guess not everyone here uses PS for their jobs and just like to create/design stuff for fun, like myself . For example I have loads of photoshopped cars and those are just sitting on my harddrive. Besides the...
  2. J

    YouTube stuff

    Just made this for my YouTube account.
  3. M

    Hey I'm Steve

    Hi My name is Steve, Monkey to my friends. I live in the UK in Norwich and have been messing about with Photoshop a fair bit recently.. I came across this site and thought I could learn some new stuff as you can never learn too much can you? Anyway, just wanted to say hi
  4. N

    Logo Help.....Any help is much appreciated!!!

    Might be a little difficult as i seem to be having a tough time with it. Trying to change it the words Kings to Nerds in each of these logos. I appreciate any help you can offer as I know it may be difficult. I can usually do this kind of stuff but just need some help with this. Thank you again .
  5. S

    Hi :-)

    Hello all, I'm Steve from Holland. I joined today, I'm a photoshop hobbyist, nothing professional and still learning. I do use photoshop for some time now,used to mod cars but now I want to try some other stuff too, made some already. I joined cause I like to see other people creativity and...
  6. D

    Help with a logo :)

    Good evening friends im new here. Ive peeked into some threads and you guys do amazing work so i think I found the right place to ask for help. I made this logo a month ago, the image looks fine from far away but once its put into full screen mode you can see the imperfections. Ive destroyed the...
  7. T

    Could someone photoshop these cars out for me?

    Hi, I just need all the cars and stuff photoshopped out of this image please. Thank you
  8. Eggy

    Lakeside Fishing

    This is what I will do when spring is back... Started with two base images the characters, some pixelsquid stuff and brushes to get Please do comment. (And by any means do present some of your work too...)
  9. T

    More resizing needed

    Hi, I need more images resizing please. I think maybe they need converted into square photos? I am again trying to upload these to my instagram. Sorry for my stupidity with all this stuff. Hope someone can help.
  10. C

    HELP: How do they accomplish this with the photos?

    Hello all! I am new to Photoshop Gurus, although I have check out stuff on your site before for various projects...always good stuff!! Just wanted to reach out and check in and see how they might accomplish this with the photos they used: Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  11. Eggy

    Dedicated to a member

    I was looking at my submission for the challenge #45 and I thought, actually I can do better. But hey, I already posted my submission but no problem. So I started to work on something similar I had in my head. Once finished I remembered that one of our members is doing that sport, beside...
  12. Eggy

    Stairway To Heaven

    Actually gedstar nicked my subject using it in the previous challenge, but hey. You should see this as a tribute to all artists we lost this year. I started with some pixelsquid stuff and brushes to get Version 1 Version 2 (with a twist)
  13. Eggy

    A Monks Path

    Yep, me again... I used and some small stuff to make
  14. Eggy

    Holy Grass

    My last in a series of diorama's. It involves football (where the players use their feet to play). :cheesygrin: Just used two pictures of players, some textures and some Pixelsquid stuff.
  15. Eggy

    Pay The Ferryman

    On a rainy day and bored out of my mind I started with and some small stuff to get Please do comment...
  16. C

    Brushes 6 Marker

    I want Comic Sketch set of 6 marker earth essential set. From where i get this stuff?
  17. B

    Can you help me fix this issue installing Photoshop cc 2015

    I don't know if i can post this thread in this section or not.But i do think its an appropriate category to post this issues i have been encountering while installing the Adobe CC .Every time its asking me to insert the 2nd disk etc.. message and i am unable to install the required stuff on my...
  18. P

    New Member

    Names Paul, Photoshop is my nemesis, spent thousands of hours learning stuff but always seem to forget more than i can remember
  19. V

    Looking for good books and magazines

    Anyone have any suggestions on good reference books, like to have hard copy of help stuff and also any good magazine subs out there?
  20. B

    Hello there people :-)

    I been using photoshop on and off. Never really made much fancy stuff. Mainly just over complicated banners and posters etc or for making mockups of stuff. Its time to stop being mediocre though and get some decent skills down so hopefully i'll learn a lot here. :-) looking forward to being...