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  1. C

    the textures thread

    a thread for beautiful textures. ill try to post daily
  2. E

    Brushes Seamless pattern help

    Aside from the traditional way of making seamless patterns, is it possible to set the clone stamp tool to easily mirror both sides of the picture and blend them simultaneously? sort of a way to blend all edges together at the same time.
  3. Eggy

    3D Comparaison PS 3D and Blender

    Last week I posted a 3D work made in PS called 'Perpetuum'. I was curious how it would look in Blender. So I exported the PS 3D file into a .DAE file and imported it in Blender. I had to 'texturise' all the part with the textures that came with the DAE file and give it some new background. The...
  4. Rekov

    Greetings from rainy Oregon

    I am mostly a 3D artist, not a 2D artist, but I find myself using Photoshop often enough for making textures, so I thought it might be nice to have a place to ask questions every now and then.
  5. N


    Where to find similar looking texture? If you have a good collection of textures then please give the link to download.
  6. Eggy

    Holy Grass

    My last in a series of diorama's. It involves football (where the players use their feet to play). :cheesygrin: Just used two pictures of players, some textures and some Pixelsquid stuff.
  7. chrisdesign

    3D The Green Cube

    Simple shapes but good textures, this was my aim here.
  8. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Texture Exercise

    I made a little progress with textures in Blender.
  9. N

    .psd file management

    I'm looking for answers on how to deal with disk space issues that I cannot reconcile currently, but in the long run, answers that can be used to change how I approach the creation of images in Photoshop. I use Photoshop to make textures for 3D objects. Sometimes there are several variations...
  10. N

    New to forum

    New to the forum (note to administrators: "Azure" is a fine answer to "what color is the sky?" :razz:) I've used Photoshop since it was roughly version 2.0. I'm by no means a pro, but through the times that I've had access to it, Photoshop has been my go-to for creating and modifying textures...
  11. Pearlie

    3D Materials won't separate

    Can anyone suggest a reason and solution as to why a model with 4 distinct textures (fabric, wood, metal - it's a chair) will not allow different textures to be applied to the parts even when 'Apply to matching textures' is unchecked? :twisted: The material mesh name is the same for them all -...
  12. Eggy

    3D Fence Face 3D

    Yep, a lot of possibilities in PS 3D. This is an experiment, again, how to match the textures of the fence (postcard) and the face (*.obj). Please do comment.
  13. L

    Finally joined

    I wanted to do this(be part of this forum) for a while but never got around to it. I feel like doing stuff I don't ''decide'' will make me better and faster. I've been using PS for about 15years, I am a gamedev ( level art ). I am fairly familliar and advanced with textures but less with...
  14. kerby

    How to quickly create seamless textures in Photoshop CC

    Greetings PSG. I work for an architecture firm, doing lots of visualization/renderings, and textures are one of the most important parts of this job. I'd like to share with you a technique that I use almost every day to create tileable, seamless textures. Application: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015...
  15. A

    3D Working with .obj files and .mtl files to asign textures

    Hello, I'm currently trying to learn the 3D capabilities of Photoshop and have a good beginning understanding of the concept of how Photoshop uses 3D. I've downloaded a 3D model of a living room from Turbosquid. Making sure that they had the .obj file and .mtl file along with the textures...
  16. M

    Untooning Request

    About a few years ago, I've heard of a process of bringing cartoon characters to life by using photo-realistic textures, to give an idea as to how these cartoon characters would look like in real life, hence the term "untooning". However most of these untooning attempts look so unrealistic and...
  17. P

    Seamless patterns

    I have looked at loads of tutorials to create seamless textures and know that the offset function needs to be used but I am struggling to remove the "seams" convincingly. The tutorials seem to use the healing brush or clone tool which works great on busy patterns like rock/paper/grass textures...
  18. Eggy


    Still too hot outside and the nearest seashore is about 220 km from here, so I made one for myself. Used these pics: and some stuff from CG Textures to get this (resized): Let me have it! :naughty:
  19. Z

    free digitally crafted fabric textures

    I'll be updating this thread as and when I've got the free time to do other fabric variations, and take the time to make them seamless. currently I have three nylon/polyester textures available for download. they can be used in any project you see fit, I regularly use them for my character...
  20. B

    Help needed with screen and lighten blend mode problem

    I'm using CC 2014, I'm trying to add textures; smoke, fire etc onto logos, twitch overlays etc. But for some reason when my layers background is white and I use the screen or lighten blend mode to get rid of the black background on the texture it throws the whole thing behind my layer...