1. Inkz

    New Simple Version of Twitter Logo

    This is for fun and no I haven't been hired by twitter to update their logo lol. In my quest to make a great logo I like to keep the design as simple and memorable as possible and decided to practice a little with the Twitter logo. So the real design is made up of circles and some might...
  2. Inkz

    Swan Logo Process

    Hey guy's.. Like to share with you a logo I've been working for a little while. I've been working a lot more with my normal job in retail so haven't had much time to do much graphics. Anyway, a week off so I'm back on it lol. Here's a simple logo of a Swan designed from 5 different sized...
  3. L

    Can't get the hang of removing luminance shifts

    Hi sorry if this is dumb but I am trying to seamlessly tile this little texture I have but it just looks clearly wrong when i do. I have tried copying it and inverting it, blurring it, then changing the blend mode or opacity. I have also tried splitting it up and doing this to the circles only...
  4. E

    Resizing a psd

    when i resize a psd circles in it the circles sides get deformation how can i resize without deformation?
  5. R

    Circular or Concentric Guidelines

    Does Photoshop have any sort of built-in feature that provides grid lines or guidelines that are evenly-spaced concentric circles, similar to the example below?
  6. D

    Creating uneven "drawn" circles

    I am seeking to create these kinda circles in photoshop. Where would I start?
  7. A

    How to make soft circles

    Hi How can I do a soft circles like in icon
  8. S

    Help get rid of gradient circles when applying lighting effects

    Hi guys, So I applied the lighting effects (in filter/render) to my background, and when i zoom in, I can see these ugly gradient circles, that may appear when I print out the background. Is there any way to make the lighting smooth without these circles? Thanks for help
  9. J

    Basic Newbie question

    I have a real basic question but I can't find an example or tutorial out there. I want to make a half circle, that changes has two colours. One side one colour the other the other side the other, with the dividing line moving through the arc(hope that makes some sort of sense) thanks for any...
  10. T

    Looking to set up a bubble diagram. Totally lost.

    Hello, I have a project coming up where I need to make a self portrait. I have a great idea (in my opinion) but putting it into action is my problem right now. The idea I have is to make a bubble diagram (in each bubble will be hobbies of mine). Example; a boombox inside of a laptop in the...
  11. B

    new & with questions!

    hi everyone i'm new to photoshop gurus, but not new to photoshop. i joined because i have one question that so far, the interwebs deem unanswerable.. i'd imagine we'll be using the "transform again" tool to recreate an image of a crop circle i've attached here. i've seen this pattern many...
  12. O

    Brushes Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) - 31 Creative Circles

    These are photoshop circle shapes I have created recently - download the attached file (mini-pack contains 8 shapes), uncompress it, install shapes into photoshop and enjoy!
  13. A

    How can i achieve the blue concentric circles?

    I'm looking to recreate the background effect in this image. The concentric circles with the faded edges. i can think of a couple of ways but I'm wondering what would be the quickest. Also it's hard to see on the preview but the circles each have a different opacity.