1. R

    I need a new clan logo

    Hi guys we are looking for somebody with all the Photoshop skills to make us a fancy new clan logo if possible. we need some sort of a logo or icon with the letters EQ or the name eQuilibrium in it. EQ is a Free online gaming clan/team (we don't charge anyone to me a member) we are in badly...
  2. A

    Logo gamer clan

    Hi, i recently meet i guy who need a logo for his gamer clan, i explain to him that i am not and expert on making logos, i just start to learn illustrator on my own, but he didn't care so i tried... he wanted the name of the clan and the colors black and red, no more info XD I did this, as i...
  3. R

    Help with Clan Logo.

    Hello, I would like to see if anyone is kind enough to just spare a tiny bit of their time to make a nice clan logo for me, I would definitely like it to look like this one: ( My one...
  4. M

    Need a B logo for my clan

    I made a clan named Bare so we want a logo that is simple a B nothing too crazy, but something simple and clean! here are some nice ones that I like thank you!
  5. T

    I need help making a clan logo PLS

    I know you would be doing this free of charge for a complete stranger but i was hoping to get a clan logo made for my call of duty team. I am not very good at photoshop yet im still learning so i was hoping someone skilled and kind enough to help me would. I'm looking for a Faze or Optic type...
  6. F

    I need help with a clan logo please.

    Hi I'm looking for help with a clan logo that I'm in, the clan is "Fallen*Angelz*Gaming" I was wondering if someone could please make me a logo that look's like the Optic clan logo With "Fallen Angelz Gaming" on the bottom. The letters that are together are "FAG" yes that sounds stupid I know...
  7. X

    Please help us with our clan logo

    Hello everybody I'm new in this forum but I've seen incredibly works of yours which convinced me to register myself, even if I'm new to photoshop and have absolutely no skills in 3d-design etc. I kinda feel bad that my first post is a "help related post" but our new League of Legends clan...
  8. B

    Hey :D. This is my Clan Anyone Want to Jaz it Up!

    So far, Our clan has made A youtube Background. Ill Link. We have tried our best, Its need to be jazzed up a little bit. Anyone think they could give it a Crack. If you do attempted This is for Me and my Clan name is "BossRamsay". This is A youtube Background btw. Any help Much appreciate. Its...
  9. D

    Help with clan logo

    Hello, i was wondering if somebody can make me a logo that says DoM linked together like Optic Gaming.I want the letters like that, but I want the D red, the O silver, and the M black...I would like them to also be metallic too.
  10. 5

    Please can someone make me a game clan signature

    Im not very good at drawing, and was hoping someone could make me a clan signature. Im not really cared as too what goes in there, as long as its cool. I just want a space to be open to be able to place a name in the there, and a small section to place a picture of any choice, like normal game...