1. T

    What photoshop technique will get this job done?

    Although i know it may get very much so in dept , im looking to cover some of the basic techniques that may be used to acquire the color change effect in this photo. i like the idea of changing some of my images to blend with the background .
  2. R

    Could someone please photoshop my pregnancy photo?

    Dear Members, sorry for my bad English. My daughter was born in September 2016 and unfortunately, this is the only photo of my belly. But I'd like to make a photo book about her first year and I would like to include this photo aswell, so I can show it to her in the future. So could you please...
  3. J

    Single color BMP file

    So I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Reuleaux RX200S but you can add a logo to the vape, the only issue I'm running into is that it keeps saying use a one color image, the image has to be 64x48 and a BMP file which i have already done in microsoft paint, i just cant seem to get it to a...
  4. Pipsmom

    Painting a black and white, need a answer

    After a lot of reading lately I started today on this project just for fun and practice really but something odd happened and I don't know where it all went wrong. As it's work in progress I need to know what Not to do so it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I started off after healing then...
  5. P

    I need help with replacing a color...

    Hello, Recently I updated my forum's theme and now the main color is white. However my rank icon's background is gray: Don't ask me why it's a .gif image. I have no idea. I need to change the background to white or transparent. How can I do it? I tried with the pen tool and the selection tool...
  6. J

    how can i do this effect?

    hi, can anyone assist me on doing this lightray effect ? i try using polygon tool fill it white and gaussian blur and blending option color overlay but it seems funny. Thank you.
  7. N

    Change The color of a Logo

    Hello every one.... Can someone help me Please? I wnat to replace the White color in this logo to Black one and the Black Color to White..... but please Use the same White color in this picture (a little bit silver) Thank U.
  8. E

    easy selection of colors

    Hey Guys. Im having trouble selction certain colors in an easy way. Right now I'm using the pen tool, but it takes to long time. Color range and replace color is not giving me a good enough result. I've attached the image so you can see what I mean. It' a camuflage pattern, 3 colors...
  9. Pipsmom

    Advice on sunglare

    I've worked on this picture all day and nothing is working for me 100% so I'm back asking my teachers here. Tried a gradient with limited success, isolation and saturation, cloning, hue, levels, name it I've tried it. Problem is the bright sunglare/fade on the top of the head in...
  10. S

    Batch Automation Automate "Color Settings" switching

    I have to switch back and forth from working with 32 bit 3d renders in sRGB, then on to a retouching workflow in AdobeRGB. If I have "Color Settings" presets saved, is there a way to automate the switching of working spaces or do I have to manually go into the "Color Settings" dialog every time?
  11. R

    need help to change color of lips

    hi there, i need help to learn change color of this lip to second image lip color, any one teach me how to do it. i tried using few threads of this forum but it doesn't helps me :( here is the original image here is the color i want>> Thank you very much! if you can help me to get this...
  12. T

    Can anyone change the hair color on these pictures?

    Hello! I recently have started thinking about dyeing my hair a different color, something like, greyish, dark white tones. But I am unsure if it would turn out to be nice, and I would like to be sure about that. I would make the color changes myself, but my computer has had some problems, which...
  13. F

    How to paint inside with brush like this?

    Hi everybody! I want to know that how to color shapes or drawings without going over the lines like in the video below. I don't want to make a selection then paint inside. Just want to color exactly seen on that video. What is the easiest way to do that?
  14. O

    Dramatic Color Scheme

    Dear Members, I am looking to learn how to change the color scheme of my photos to add more dramatic look. Can someone point me to a good tutorial perhaps to help me out? please see the link below for the look I want to achieve. Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    help for creating a proper mask

    hi i have problem with create a good mask for black sweater in this image because of hair. im using that mask to change color to biege color. can any one help me to how to take proper mask.(if you can provide your psd file for me it is also better :) ) i tried topaz remask,luminacity masking...
  16. S

    Request--Change Color of Fox

  17. N

    X-Rite Color Checker Passport

    i bought X-Rite Color Checker Passport and saw it's tutorial what are the correct steps to get the best colors of my photo with this tool (i'm not talking about monitor calibration-that's another topic) 1-take a RAW/NEF photo with color checker 2-save...
  18. Jerry D

    Color IQ Test

    Take this fun and simple on-line color IQ test and learn how you see color.
  19. V

    BMP Single color. For my Wiscon Rx2/3

    I've been trying to make it myself but i just cant seem to get the single color that it demands from me :( Its just supposed to look like what's in the attachment :) Please help me and Thank you!
  20. A

    Change color on this mock up? how?! :(

    Dear people, I found a mock up (pdf file) I just love: (Link removed by admin) but I have a problem to change to a black color, the collar disappears and the t-shirt changes totally when I do it through "Layer style" and choose "overlay". See my version and you will see how messed up it...