1. DZRasta

    Acne removing and changing eye color

    This is my first post here, what do you think about it ?
  2. L

    Indexed Color Master Palletes are greyed out

    Try to change color patern in Indexed color with Master (Adaptive) but they are greyed out... I was played before with those setting and some how this was enabled?! Tried on another PC and cant access those setting is well, any clue what case this problem? Pics are standard RGB 8bits. Many...
  3. M

    Can't Figure it out how to live preview when changing color!

    Im a newbie to photoshop. But pretty good at After Effects. So until now i was making wallpapers on After Effects , now i want to learn about Photoshop. Im on Photoshop cc 2015 btw. So ive learned some basics. But i cant figure it out , is Paint Bucket only tool that you can put color on...
  4. K

    Best way to convert four color process to spot colors in photo.NEED ADVICE ASAP

    I have a client that is asking if and how we can take there label and change it from four color process to spot colors. I can identify three possible colors for the text and border but then they have an image in the background that is definitely four color process. What is the best way to go...
  5. K

    Prepress color change need help asap

    I have a Photoshop file where I have to take a image that has the color cool gray that needs to be changed to black. But I also need to bump the black down so that it looks like it was when it was cool gray. What should I do
  6. S

    change the background color of the interface?

    Hello, When you want to crop a black and white picture or change it's workspace size in Photoshop CS6, the background color of the interface (black or gray) does not make things easier. Is it possible to change the background color of the interface?
  7. A

    Blending Height maps Techniques

    Hello, I'm looking get some suggestions on how i can blend together two height maps, which are grayscale images that can build terrains or models using color value. I have place to different height maps side by size and I want to blend the seams so that when the model is created there is not a...
  8. A

    Make same color

    Hi I try to make same color like the music in icon, how can I do it? Thanks!
  9. A

    Techniques for soft, low contrast, outdoor photos of people, especially children

    i am a big fan of the photographer "Said Mhamad" and wondering how he get the color tones of the images and SKIN tones... here are the samples.. Skin tone. skin tone + image color i will thank full if someone can guide me to achieve this skin color through his own guide or tutorial...
  10. J

    Hair Color Change Problem (Blonde --> Silver/white?)

    I recently did a photoshoot with my friend. She has blonde hair but to go along with the theme of the photo, I really want to change her hair color to a white-silvery color. I've been on photoshop for 3 hours now trying to change it but no matter how many different things I've tried it always...
  11. M

    Help with color change for a newbie!

    Hi there! I have just started using Photoshop for my job, butI am still struggling with a few things that are I am sure super easy for therest of you… J So I have this psd file of an illuminated Christmasbow – but the bow is red and I need it to be gold/yellow instead. I want to keep the...
  12. pslane

    Illustrator new to illustrator- need help

    Hello, I am going to try and learn to use illustrator. I am doing a tut and I'm not familiar with the mesh grid or the pick tool. But.....I did get the color in the Second Step, but it's covering the top instead of the...
  13. T

    BLENDING COLOR: Sunset Glow

    This is my first tutorial
  14. N

    color range preview (in color)

    when i select some color during color range selection a new windows opens and i can see selection as black white and increase or descrease selection precision. how can i see it directly on the color image and change it there?
  15. K

    Photoshop request [CSGO Header]

    Hey! I got no idea if this will be a hard task or not, im not the greatest at photoshop. Bascially what im looking for is something similar to the csgo header i added (similar color style etc.), except with the man in the picture, if it would be possible to turn him frontwards with the same...
  16. M

    Editing Vintage Photo - Exposure and color matching issues

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my post. I'm fairly new to photoshop, but I have a rough understanding of the basics. I am working on a t-shirt concept and I am using some old photos I found. I am wondering if it would be possible to get rid of this huge shadow cast in this photo: As you...
  17. A

    How to create an outline with color via shape tool (CS3)

    I'd like to create a circle with the shape tool but just color the outline, no color within the circle. I tried to do stroke after I made the shape but it says nothing to stroke. Can someone tell me how? I'm using CS3.
  18. T

    Finding neutral grey for color correction, without a grey card.

    I am familiar with using a solid color grey layer, blending with Difference and using Threshold to locate neutral grey. However, I don't understand it! In my mind, Yes, you will find neutral grey pixels in the image, but that cannot be what we are looking for. Are we not really looking for...