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  1. A

    Need Information on Tampa Web Development Company

    I like to get the details on tampa web development companies, because my site is having trouble on hosting. So suggest me to prefer a reputed web development company which offers user friendly services..
  2. efasde

    Company ID Size Resolution

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask what is the Resolution for a Standard ID size for a company. I am using the size 2.103" x 3.38" and 72 resolution pixels/inches, I don't know if this is correct cause it seems very small. Please give some advice. Thank you, efasde
  3. M

    Logo, Company Badge $25-50 each

    Hey, You may have seen my post earlier but this is a slightly better version. I am starting a San Andreas Multi-Player scripting business. I am a very good scripter however i am no good a Graphic Design. I am looking for something that is bold, stands out, But is also very...
  4. J

    Athletic Strength and Conditioning Company Logo

    Hey yal, I run a gym that specializes in sports performance and I need a logo. The name of the company is Colossal Strength and Performance Systems. I don't really have much in the way of ideas so it's pretty much a blank canvas right now. The only thing I do know is that I'm a big fan of a...
  5. B

    Company Logo and Winform GUI Design Needed Paying $250

    Company Logo and Winform GUI Design Needed Paying $250 Logo Description: Looking for a simple logo design for my spare time starter basement software company that deals with setting up / provisioning wireless mobile handheld barcode computers. Mostly looking for corporate look / healthcare...
  6. R

    Company Logo & Leaflet

    Hi all I am looking to create a company logo and leaflet (unless someone wants to help me by making one for me) I have never used Photoshop before so I am wondering if this is something to hard for a beginner ?
  7. L

    Need some design work done on a new company

    Hi there. Need some work done on a new business that I started up. I would need the following: - New Logo - A Complete Website - Business card design - Flyer Design The company is shirt orientated and I will give the full details to the person I select. please give links to portfolios and...
  8. W

    Selection of webdesign company

    What are the basic things that I need to consider before selecting any web design company.