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  1. P

    Company logo onto background

    Hello- My company is doing a trade show next month and I have purchased a table top cover. I am working with the design team but I don't think this is within their capabilities. What I am looking to do is have this image as my background: The emblem the guy is holding is similar to the...
  2. Rumpelstinsk

    Epic Background - Computer

    Hi. This request it's only for having some fun. I don't need something in particular, just some ideas to customize the picture. We are a new team of computer enginieers that has just start on a new company, and i would be glad if you can chop the picture to make some laugh on the internal meetings.
  3. agentmoeller

    Angry Koala...

    A logo I did for a non-existent company. Just bored....
  4. M

    Need help with Road Sign resolution

    Hey everyone! I designed a couple signs in photoshop, and sent it to the graphic design company. This is my first time doing this, so there are going to be some glitches. The issue I am having is tone of the signs needs to be 12 by 8 feet, the other 8 x 8 feet with 100 dpi. When I sent the...
  5. L

    Collaborate 2 logos into one

    Hi, Had a logo designed a while back by Confestium, cant seem to be able to get hold of him. Looking for some ideas on collaborating the attached 2 logos Company name is Eco Logic, we are an energy brokerage based in the north of england Regards,
  6. fabbi94

    Design for logo and business card - for a StartUp

    Dear all, we are a StartUp from Germany and we like to start our business next month. To do this we need a logo and business cards who looks brilliant. :) To cut a long story short, we need a logo with our company name (first word in green second in grey or another correlating color) and a...
  7. A

    Hi Everyone || Andy

    Hi hows it going everyone, my name is Andy I'm 26 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee. I have been using photoshop as a hobby since I was was a teenager, here recently I've decided I love it so it's time to do something with it. I have come here to collect ideas, learn, and meet with others...
  8. U

    Need a upgrade of existing logo

    I need a upgrade of our already existing logo, and to add some other graphic content aswell, in the black free area. our company is related to tuning cars and workshop. so something with that would be good. also many something to give more life to the writings itself aswell i would like to have...
  9. C

    Your Ideas for a logo of mine

    I'm moving my company to a new domain as well as expanding into different areas. I dont need help on creating a whole logo itself since I am proficient with Photoshop, I just would like to collaborate on ideas that would spring up to mind when you think of it. My company creates backlit decor...
  10. B

    Hello Everyone...

    Hi! My name is Benoit Leblanc I'm fairly new with Photoshop... I'm working in the marketing department of a wholesale company... I mainly take pictures of new products, edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop, then make several version of each items the company is selling for the web and making a...
  11. F

    Photoshop Request (Important: company wants my picture)

    I hope someone can help me I really need this as soon as possible as I must upload the picture today to my flickr account before I send it to a company. Can someone remove the patchy color from the pillar/tower in this pic?
  12. W

    My logo Please check and help me to make it more attractive.

    Hello, My Company Name is Cartel. I am starting my event management company where we will organize parties and everything. I designed this logo. How can i make this more Professional ? Need to make more attractive. How can i do this ? Thank You in advance :)
  13. R

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hello I am a mechanical draftsman by trade, but have been using "pixel painters" for a while. My first painting program was Fauve Software's "Matisse" and I was saddened when I could no longer use it, (though it didn't have layers). Back in the 90's a company I worked for got CorelDraw! 8, and...
  14. CyborgAngel

    Cyborg Angel

    Hi, Name is Isaiah. I am a self taught graphic designer who has been in the industry for over 5 years professionally, I got my start through my passion for games. making signatures and avatars were all the rage while I was growing up and I soon started getting request for birthday cards and...
  15. T

    Working on a company logo

    **Mods plz delete** No help offered - delete thread plz.
  16. agentmoeller

    Painting Company Logo

    Just playing around.... not an actual job.
  17. B

    Vectorize my logos Company - Checkered Flag

    Hello, im'brazilian. My english is so bad, so i will try to explain my doubt... This is the logo of my company (thats not my creation): I want to creat a vector of this logo, to use this in large scale whith high definition I found the original FONT of "F1" and i could creat a flag shape...
  18. B

    Company Re-brand

    Hi guys, I've been given an assignment to rebrand a company, I have chosen a Motorsport company named "Speedworks Motorsport" I need to gather feedback for an evaluation Thanks!
  19. mdyusuf

    Hello Everyone..

    Hi, My name is Towab Muhammad Yusuf I'm from Bangladesh and I am working as a graphic design company. Just now I am joining this forum so please everyone help me when I trap position.
  20. R

    How doI change the colors of a gradient?

    Hello guys, i'm have a little trouble to print a folder of my company. I hired a guy to make the folder, but he backed out of the deal. :banghead: The folder is already completed, i'm just having issue with the printer company. My background isn't in the right black composition in cmyk. How...