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Hello from Louisiana


New Member
I am a mechanical draftsman by trade, but have been using "pixel painters" for a while.

My first painting program was Fauve Software's "Matisse" and I was saddened when I could no longer use it, (though it didn't have layers).

Back in the 90's a company I worked for got CorelDraw! 8, and it came with a copy of PhotoPaint, which I used a while to make technical manuals until I left that company.

I've been a Photoshop user since, doing flyers, photo work, and tattoo work and a smattering of art-sie things.

So anyway, what brings me here is, I used to paint in oils, but I don't have the space for a studio, and want to expand my knowledge and inspiration of digital paintings I am working on, with the intention of plotting on papers or canvas.

Recently I bought a Wacom Art pad, (love it) and it came with Corel Painter.
So I will be exploring it, as it appears similar to Corel's PhotoPaint.

I am not sure of the difference, but Painter has some interesting brushes, so I want to spend some time learning more about it and asking questions about brushes and such.

Thanks & have a great day


Staff member
Hello Rick and welcome to PSG.

I used to paint in all mediums (mostly acrylics) and I moonlighted as a commercial illustrator for many years. The industry changed and went digital. So, I also found my way to Photoshop for some of the same reasons you did. Now that I'm using Photoshop, I have no interest in going back to traditional painting.