1. Inkz

    Beard Club Logo

    So my friends at SWBC asked me to redo their logo to something more modern. So here's what I came up with. Reference Image I used to get the basic shapes. Logo completed for white BG Logo for a dark BG Logo with a distressed look to it Thanks for your time to look...
  2. M

    Please alter Image

    Hi Guys. 1st time poster. I was wondering if someone could help me photoshop an image . I would like to have my grandmother looking down on my grandfather. Could I request 2 versions of the file. in the second if possible could you remove the younger gentleman. Could I request the completed...
  3. T

    photoshop help!- Mets Photo

    Hey I have this great panorama shot that i took at a mets game. everything came out fine except the guy in the piazza jersey on the bottom left (#31). I was hoping someone could help me smoothen this out. Ideally I would like to see the name and number completed on the back of his jersey but I...
  4. Steve

    I need to hear from Challenge Winners

    As of today there have been 29 completed challenges. We now have an award for Challenge Winners and I want award all the winners. Leave me your name if you won a challenge and I'll give you an award. :thumbsup: Thanks guys for participating. :wave2:
  5. admin

    Forum Software Update/Maintenance April 18, 2015 [Completed]

    We will be performing a forum software update this evening and will have about an hour of downtime. This update addresses number of bugs in vBulletin and should result in a smoother running forum. I'll let everyone know when the update is completed.
  6. Enjey

    Need help on adjustments

    Hello, I need some help from the veterans to get this image completed. I lack the skills :I I need the text to be completed and aligned with the background all linear and fluid. If someone could help I would really appreciate it. P.S: I kind of failed patching around the text.
  7. admin

    PSG Server Upgrade Completed

    Due to recent increases in traffic to the site (a good thing) our old server was being maxed out and causing some problems for users. The site is now running on a brand new faster server that should be able to handle the increased traffic without any problems. Any issues with the server now...