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  1. J

    Remove snapchat title

    Can somebody please remove the "buzz smyth 32s ago from the top left corner", thank you in advance
  2. M

    Gradually fade corner dark

    Hello would it be possible for someone to just simply gradually darken the top right corner of this picture, so that the trees and background are less eye-grabbing and conspicuous? I still want to have the faint image that the trees are there, and the overall texture of the leaves in the...
  3. S

    Some car mods before and after

    Some of he cars I did, used to do these alot :-) Originals are in the left corner.. comments are welcome :-)
  4. Eggy

    3D EGGY's Corner

    An experiment, again... I used a cloud and grass background. Feel free to comment.
  5. S

    A Request to remove two objects

    Hi there. I Need to remove the people who are inside the pool and the guy standing on the top left corner (outside the pool). any help with that will be highly appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  6. L

    Need help plz trying to create a corner shape

    Hi good Day. I don't know the correct words to call this but i added a picture. I wanted to create a double t like the picture for our wedding monogram. and also add a so it kind of reflect of of it or like a shadow on the ground in the middle. don't have a pic of that last meaning. But it's 3...
  7. P

    mouse deselecting problem

    All of a sudden I cant deselect by clicking the left mouse button like I used to.
  8. K

    Color blending

    Hi. I'm looking for a way to get rid of the black area in the upper right corner of the image below. What would be a good way to blend and extend the light brown color behind the spider all the way to the upper right corner? I just want the black area removed or made less noticeable...
  9. P

    Only printing the corner. of the pic.

    I know this is going to end up being something simple, but I just can't figure it out. I opened a .pdf with an image in the middle that I need to print (house plot map). I then cropped that image from the center so I could get it a bit bigger. The first print was almost perfect, but it lost a...
  10. C

    Carries Corner

    I made another sig to share so thought maybe I should just start an all purpose thread.
  11. Yutosi

    Photoshop Ribbons for Corners Layered PSD File

    Fully layered and editable set of red, gray, blue and yellow corner ribbons in Photoshop PSD format file. Each ribbon is in it's own group and can easily be edited. Download the Photoshop PSD here: