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  1. N

    Batch Automation Automate batch problem with auto frame

    Hi guys ! I am currently struggling with my first attempt of batch processing... I am trying to apply a white border to jpegs already exported with lightroom in a file. Stuff is I am not sure which box should be ticked in the batch processing dialog box. So far, I have either not all files...
  2. O

    Adobe Camera Raw cancel button and validation dialog box

    On one of my computer, whenever I hit the cancel button in Camera Raw I get the «Cancel all changes, including changes to non-selected images?» dialog box. So, at least, I can save my work if I hit the button by mistake. However, on my other computer I get no dialog box when I hit the cancel...
  3. C

    CS5 Curves Layer Dialog?

    Hello All, In CS5 is there any way to have the Curves Layer Dialog revert back to the old standard interface? When you click Image/Adjustments/Curves you get the standard interface. But when you create a curves adjustment layer you get a horrible new interface, which has been "improved" to...