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  1. J

    Automatic perspective control

    Can you please let me know how to automatically correct perspective with Photoshop CS6? If possible, please send me step-by-step instructions, not merely a video as, at age 79, I find it difficult to memorize the steps on a video without a text accompanying it. Thanks in advance for your help...
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender - Wooden Army Crate

    Another exercise. Just making the rope was a tiny (:shocked:) bit difficult since it was the first time I made a rope...
  3. U

    Difficult one - Vector profile pic

    Hi, Not sure how difficult this is but can someone change my picture into a vector type profile? Kinda like this: Ideally i'd like no mouth, eyes or nose on the pic. Just a head, shoulders (with a plain t-shirt - that i could fill in with my chosen colour) Hair and eyebrows, i'd also like...
  4. N

    Logo Help.....Any help is much appreciated!!!

    Might be a little difficult as i seem to be having a tough time with it. Trying to change it the words Kings to Nerds in each of these logos. I appreciate any help you can offer as I know it may be difficult. I can usually do this kind of stuff but just need some help with this. Thank you again .
  5. SepiaPhotographi

    Hello From New York City!!!

    Hi Photoshop Friends!! I am a photograph enthusiast, and aspiring photographic artist. Took some classes in a few adobe packages, and would like to participate in a web community to help me keep my juices flowing. For whatever reason, it appears to be very difficult to find an active Photoshop...
  6. A

    Need help turning frowning relatives in to somewhat happy group

    Hi all, This is a photo of my wife's family in Greece. (My mother in law is the youngest daughter in front.) I tried various (albeit extremely novice) techniques to try and bring a little happiness to the group. Impossible for me to pull it off. That much more difficult as this is a very old...
  7. C

    New here :)

    Hello new here, And new to photoshop. I have not long purchased photoshop elements 15 and just after some what I think might be very minor photoshop skills :) I'm guessing some of you guys could do with your eyes closed...:), But for me I'm finding very difficult :banghead:. Anyways names Curtis...
  8. M

    Can anybody photoshop me with long hair please?

    I need some motivation to stay away from scissors and would love a picture of what my hair will look like when it grows out! If its not too difficult I would be super grateful if somebody could photoshop my hair down to maybe the 1st or 2nd line of the adidas logo. Thank you!
  9. hershy314

    Down town St Louis MO

    I got bored and decided to do a simple chop. I was feeling a little home sick so I decided to find a photo from St Louis, one that not many people would of used. I'm weird like that. The Arch or something like that would of been boring I think. I didn't do much to this one. Just replaced the...
  10. L

    Making selections

    Is it possible to change the colour of the dots and lines when using the various selection tools in Photoshop? Often it is quite difficult to see these easily when working with black & white images.
  11. E

    Fantasy-related art editing!

    Hey there! I'd like the below picture to be photoshopped for use in a dungeons and dragons game. The game is among friends only, and it isn't being used for any other purpose (i.e. no problems with copyrights or anything). Basically, I'd like the female below to undergo a few key changes...
  12. B

    Illustrator Deleting the background of a difficult image Photoshop

    Hi, I am a beginner at Photoshop so apologies for my beginners question. I do lots of watercolour illustrations and turn them into cli art. My illustrations have no black pen lines so they can be difficult to select with tools like lasso, magic wand or pen. So watched this tutorial about...
  13. M

    black and white using luminosity masks

    hi I was wanting to see if someone can help me with creating luminosity masks, I understand they are quite difficult to learn or understand? any advice tips or tutorials would be great thanks
  14. Z

    Any Tutorial for Pen Tool?

    Hey guys, I want to master pen tool. Is there any tutorial available for free to learn this tool. I find it very difficult. :cry:
  15. N


    can someone cut off only the valve from the because it is very difficult for me :(
  16. gautamz07

    polygon design.

    Hey guys i have been designing a few android splash screens and have seen that simplistic and easy to make flat design is more popular design trends is the following: see the orange and yellow polygon design , i believe it shouldn't be overly difficult to build something like that, what...
  17. B

    please can someone help me remove the person in the background?

    Hi all, Please can someone help me remove the person in the background, I am trying to keep the wall consistent in the background, which I'm finding quite difficult, please can anyone help me at all? Thanks
  18. Sasha Norris McAllister

    How much prettier can I make this picture?

    I'm a total Photoshop noob, but I think I may invest the time into learning it if it can do what I'm hoping. So what I'm wondering is, how difficult would it be to make the following changes to this picture my friend painted for me? - Stretch/Lower the bottom/tips of their noses (especially...
  19. M

    Color swap on difficult piece

    Hi there. I have a photo of a linen top, where the coloring of the piece is a gradient running from the top to the bottom. I would like to take the "non-white" color and swap it with another while maintaining an authentic look. I've tried my typical methods of swapping colors, but I've never...
  20. J

    Hello everyone

    Hello, New here and introducing myself. I find it difficult to type. My keyboard is fine in other applications but with this text , very difficult. Anyone else?