1. B

    Lost my Photoshop serial number

    I recently bought a new computer and when I tried to install my Photoshop, I couldn't find the serial number. Is there anything I can do, apart from throwing the disc in the bin. Thanks in advance for any help. Bob
  2. S

    NEED URGENT HELP - Original Lightroom 3 disc won't load ??

    PLEASE HELP !! I have my original disc for Lightroom 3 which I am trying to load onto my iMac after having to get the hard drive replaced. When I load the disc up, the computer tells me: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I have my serial number, does anyone have a...
  3. F

    Photoshop ate my C disc memory?

    Hey guys, I had this strange thing happen to me minutes ago, I made a huge file in Photoshop just to test it and see how it would work with that size, anyway it started giving me error message that scratch disk memory is low(it's set to C: Disc) or something like this. So I tried closing...
  4. M

    Scratch Disc Full/Temp files (Mac)

    Hi, I just tried to open a few of very large image files (9GB in total) and when I did I got the message "scratch discs full". Now I understand why that happened, but it seems to have eaten a whole load of disc space that wont come back. I've since closed photoshop, restarted my Mac, etc...
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    Creating a 3D Disc

    I am trying to make a 3D looking disc, sort of like this: Glossy Recycling Icon | Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration | iStockphoto.com or Throwing a Disc | Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration | iStockphoto.com However, I would like the disc to look as though it is...