1. G

    Anyone has any idea how I can draw a tempered glass outline similar to this picture

    Hi I have a problem.. My business requires that we create outlines for new tempered glass that comes into the market but the shape may differ slightly for each and every model. Does anyone have any idea how to draw a good outline of the tempered glass similar to this photo...
  2. mikecox

    How do shapes work?

    I've tried to draw several lines on an image. I have been able to draw the lines, which were created as smart objects, but while the line is visible, adding another causes the first one to promptly disappear. Hitting Enter also makes them disappear as well. I thought maybe I needed to...
  3. U

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3 cm) intersecting it horizontally in all psd files. black Numbers appears vertically from 0.5-1 in Photoshop scale.
  4. S

    How to draw a high resolution shape with smooth edge ??

    hello all. whenever im trying to draw a shape like a circle or a rectangle, when i zoom it the edges look bad and not smooth can someone show me please many thanks
  5. E

    Pop art chars

    is it hard to draw characters like this?
  6. E

    Comic style cloud

    how can i draw a comic style cloud like this on photoshop?
  7. dudleyd

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi everyone, I've been using PTS for 3 years, Basicly, I'm just a newbie here, because I just know how to use PTS with available artworks, I can't draw it. But I have passion in PTS. I hope to learn alot of things from people in PSG. Have a nice day! :lol:
  8. A

    It's too hard to draw a basic line diagram...

    I just want to draw a moderately complex diagram, but it seems that any time I want a new line not connected to a previous one I have to create a new layer to make a new shape. I could end up with 20 layers. Am I doing something wrong? Related question: I can't figure out how to add more lines...
  9. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Draw A Mood Changing Bear In Adobe Illustrator

    This is a quick tutorial on how to draw a mood changing bear in Adobe illustrator. It made very simple so even a beginner can follow along.
  10. A

    How to draw a water glass

    Hi, I'm really bad in pen tool and I need to draw a glass like it, how can I do it? Thanks for help!
  11. H

    Please I need this logo

    Can someone make this logo that I draw
  12. S

    Illustrator Printing in the bottom left in Illustrator

    I'm using a machine that prints onto a roll of vinyl, and what we usually do here is print in the bottom left corner (in Corel Draw) via the print settings. Is it possible to define "bottom left corner" as the "print from" area in Illustrator, as it is in Corel Draw? I bloody hate Corel Draw...
  13. nffox007

    Vector maps of countries and cities?

    Hey guys! Let me introduce myself, my name is Cyril, I draw vector maps and now we have a small library of free to download vector maps of different countries and cities in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw format, can I post some links here, or where can I upload the archives?
  14. T

    Drawing Straight Lines with Pen Tool

    I have just installed photoshop and have, as an exercise , tried to design the Umbrella Corp logo. I am stuck at trying to make one of those 8 rounded triangle shapes.I have used the pen tool to draw the upper arc but wen I try to sketch a line to the third vertex, I get a curve instead.I...
  15. C

    Best Design tool

    I want to draw a painting but i couldn't get a best tool which i used to draw. please help me which tool is best for drawing.
  16. Paul

    Draw or draw, or both?

    Photoshop or pencil paper?:wink:
  17. J

    how to draw an arc shape?

    I am loosing my mind a bit, not succeeding in figuring out this seemingly simple challenge myself. I want to draw an arc. What I would like is the green parts from the screenshot. (but then of course a perfect curve) It would probably have to be some sort of shape, since I would like to change...
  18. M

    Anyone here helps me with this please :D

    I got problem when enlarging the image below, can anyone here help me draw the pattern again in transparent as PSD file ? Thank you in advance :D
  19. B

    Try out plug in for generation (mesh) gradients

    Hi everybody! I am developing plug in for Photoshop. It allows users to draw color gradients in real time and with unprecedented level of control. It is possible to draw classical gradients - LINEAR, RADIAL and ANGLED as well as MESH GRADIENTS. IF YOU WANT TO USE FREE BETA VERSION FEEL FREE TO...
  20. Helios

    Helios' gallery

    Hi guys, I've not been here long, but after a warm welcome I feel happy posting this for you all. Looking around I can see a friendly community that thrives on sharing ideas, helping others and praising achievements, which is really lovely to find. I mostly paint and draw, as I've said...