1. N

    Specific Vector Art #2

    Can anyone make this picture into a vector art? Like an animated version of it. Thanks in advance.
  2. G

    Specific Please enhance facial features

    Hi everyone. I printed the following picture 4 x 6 in. It's a pretty small format. I didn't like how the facial features aren't easy to make out on that picture. That's why I'm hoping something can be done about that and print it again. @IamSam agreed that a possible way to enhance the features...
  3. G

    How can I make her features a bit more visible?

    Hi everyone. I should start by saying I'm not that good (total amateur) at taking pictures and editing them, but I try :silly:. I already know the image is of poor quality. The good news is that I'll print it 4 x 6 in, so it'll probably go unnoticed. I love Photoshop, even if there's a lot I...
  4. S

    help needed for xmas prints

    hello all, I am on here to hopefully receive some edits before turning some images into xmas present prints and canvases. thanks!
  5. S

    Random Edits

    Just a couple random edits that I made for my friends at school (per request). :P Let me know what you think!
  6. IamSam

    Borrowing and Tweaking other members edits.

    Awhile back I was contacted by a member who was unhappy with the fact that one of us had used his edit, made some slight changes to it and reposted the edit. Even though the member who borrowed the edit gave full credit to the member who originally created the edit, the Original Poster who made...
  7. A

    delete background

    Can someone please edits the background out of the blocks so i can paste it on another picture?
  8. Pipsmom

    Newby from U.K.

    American living in the U.K.... So happy to have finally find a help site with others just like me. I' ve been trying to teach myself Photoshop by tutorials and lots of practice over the last month...huge learning curve as I changed computers also to a Mac which was totally opposite from my old...
  9. A

    Question on image edits

    Hi, I am new to editing my own photos and my goal is to achieve the look of these photos below. I have played around with exposure, contrast, and all the basics and have not achieved this so far. The edits below have some sort of 'luminance' that I can not seem to figure out. Any sort of...
  10. L


    Hello! I've been trying to figure out how to get my photos to look a certain way & i've been messing around with photoshop cc for a while now but if anyone could help me figure out how to achieve this look? (NOW i understand it might be as simple as messing around with saturation and etc, but...
  11. C

    Need 3 marriage proposal pix edited

    Note from the moderators: This request first appeared in the free PS work forum, but it received no responses, so, at the request of the OP, I moved it to where it is, the fee-for-service forum. I also made the thread title more descriptive. - - - Tom M (Moderator) Dear members, This is my...
  12. F

    How to improve?

    This car, I saw for real a few days ago. Yes, with a "Just Married" sticker on the back. So I wanted to play with it. I'm not sure if it is any good, so please, suggestions welcome (no edits though, I want to keep it my work, thanks) (I didn't add a shadow for the penguin, as I was not sure...
  13. MichukoTFM

    Hello all Photoshop members!

    Hello! :D My name is MichukoTFM(nick)/Novantiska(real) I'm from indonesia and i like to use Photoshop for editing! and here are my edits! http://imgur.com/a/zx5VP
  14. I

    Band Lyric Edits

    So for the first picture as well as the second, how do you all blend the textures onto the words well because I mask it on or clip the texture onto the text and it always turns out bad which is what I did in the third picture, I darken the texture and duplicate the texture and clip that on the...
  15. Robes

    Toggle Between ACR and PS ??

    Hello All- I don't understand how to go back & forth between ACR and PS with Raw (Nef) files. From ACR (after basic edits) I open to PS as "smart objects" having saved the last ACR settings before so, as a "snapshop" in ACR. This 1st snapshot is always available to the end. Once in PS I...
  16. iDad

    Photo Edits

    USA based is my preference when it comes to hiring online help (not because I am USA based either, it always has been my preference) outsourcing is getting way out of hand even online IMO keep it home(wherever you live) There are lots of out here to pick from but I ask ALL potential requests...
  17. P

    How do you retain settings across edits?

    Forgive me if the above question has been asked before. Here's what I want to do: 1. Open digital camera photo (captured at max resolution of the camera 3072x2304), tweak levels, brightness/contrast, resize to a smaller size 1024x768, then save on the hard drive ready for upload. 2...