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Borrowing and Tweaking other members edits.


Staff member
Awhile back I was contacted by a member who was unhappy with the fact that one of us had used his edit, made some slight changes to it and reposted the edit. Even though the member who borrowed the edit gave full credit to the member who originally created the edit, the Original Poster who made the request, only offered "Thanks" to the member who borrowed and slightly changed the edit and nothing for the member who had done the original work on the edit.

At the time, it was not a common practice in the forum and I smoothed it over by clicking the thanks button for the member who made the original edit. Unfortunately, I don't feel I did enough and that member has never been back to our forum.

Since that incident, I've been watching the free edit forum and I've noticed that the practice of borrowing edits was happening more and more often. Most were done by our core members and most giving credit for the edits or asking permission. I noticed that the members who made the original edits didn't seem to mind. I myself was involved in both sides of this practice and was not bothered by it.

However, I have recently received yet another PM form a member who was a bit perturbed that his/her image was "borrowed" and tweaked without their permission. This prompted me to create a thread in the staff room asking the rest of the PSG staff what they thought of the practice. Oddly enough, during the discussion two of the staff members were subject to having their free edit submissions tweaked, one without permission or recognition that was later removed and the other with recognition to the creator of the edit but where neither the OP nor the member who borrowed the edit gave thanks to the staff member.

I started a draft for this thread posting and in the time it's taken me to finalize it, there has been yet another borrowed and tweaked edit from a core member who did not offer credit to the original editor.

We have a problem.

After our discussion on this matter, taking into consideration that there are members who don't mind, but more importantly those that do mind, the staff is in agreement that this practice needs to stop. From this time forward no more borrowing other members edits. You must do your own work on the edits.

If a member gives permission to alter their edit, then you may do so.
I received this PM.........
Member said:
Sam, what if I see something that would improve someone's edit? Do I make a suggestion or what?
Yes. You can make a suggestion but leave it up to the original creator of the edit to make the changes to his/her own edit. By making suggestions, you provide a learning experience for the original editor and any interested newbie members observing the request thread.

I have been asked about giving consent. The original concept behind the free edit forum was to provide a place for PSG MEMBERS to practice real world skills in dealing with task specific editing. The forum is NOT there to provide a service for people looking for a free edit. The expectation is for our members to provide the best possible work they are capable of delivering. Consent for additional editing by members other than themselves defeats that purpose in the sense that they miss out on opportunities to improve their own work. However, if a member offers consent to allow others to alter their work, then you may do so.

The idea here is to stop the practice of borrowing and tweaking without permission form the original editor.