1. Y

    Army Patch

    Hello. I want to design a patch for my unit in the army, I would like to know how to create the golden circle rope in the picture above so that i can use it for The patch i want to create. can you help me with that please? Thank you and sorry for my bad English (i am not an English speaker or...
  2. S

    Please edit this picture?

    Hi Gurus, If someone have time for this, can you edit this photo a little bit, something with curves, for good colors. For a facebook profile not something special, I want to see what photoshop can do. Tanks! (sorry for my english)
  3. Andros


    What's up people my name (on the forum) is Andors. Im beginner at the photoshop and english so sorry if i did wrote something wrong. hehe :cheesygrin:
  4. G

    Hi from France

    Hi all ! I am an amateur photographer from France interested in improving his skills in Photoshop ! Looking forward to chat with all you guys, my english isn't flawless but I'll try to do my best to be understandable ! Cheers ! Gzser
  5. skillZz

    Hello everyone

    Helloo. My name is Alex,i'm from Romania! I've started to use photoshop again ,last time i've used it .. in 2013,i think? But now i'm here to become a photoshop guru... or at least I hope I will improve my skills :cheesygrin: PS: (sorry for my bad english,i'll try my best :)) )
  6. F

    'Crumbling' A Photo To Reveal Another

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to this so I hope i'm in the right topic :)! Does somebody have a good tutorial to create this? : I don't know the right english word but I searched for 'crumbling / folded / ripping / tearing'-photoshop tutorials. Could'nt find anything to work with.. Thanks in...
  7. I

    Hi, Newbie here :)

    Hi, I'm new on this Forum. I worked with PS a lot, but sometimes i just can't seem to get it right. I hope i'll find the answers i'm looking for here on this forum. Greetz, Imme Ps. English is not my original language's, so it will sometimes look a little off :)
  8. E

    Can someone give me a hand with this?

    It's pretty sad, but I can't do this properly. I just need to curve the words so it fix ok. Can someone do this or just explain me how to do it? Sorry for my bad english I'm not native, just a sad argentinian guy :p
  9. H


    Hi every one! Where do I start here? I want to deal with the unique drawing clip-art! My English is not good, forgive me for that.
  10. P

    PS shortcuts on the Bosnian keyboard

    Hello, I am new to the forum and a beginner in using the PS. I know the basic concepts of tools, layers, masks and the like. Among other benefits, and shortcuts. The problem is there with shortcuts after using tasaturu in Bosnian. Is it possible to use or modify the shortcut for brush size], if...
  11. B

    Help with finding a font

    Hello, Does anyone know what font is this: http://prntscr.com/6a36tl http://prntscr.com/6a3af5 or does anyone know a font similar to this Thanks a lot. Sorry for my bad english
  12. B

    Problem whit cuting image

    Hello, I'am new on this forum,my name is Boris (19) and i live in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Firsth of all sorry for my really bad english. I have problem whit cuting one letter from logo. I change name of my gaming community from GSP to GP, now i need to change a logo. I am very weak in...
  13. R


    Hello photoshopgurus :) I always had a passion for photo editing, I'm here to learn something and confront you ;) Sorry for bad english,i'm italian.
  14. L

    Ciao a tutti

    Hello everybody! I'm an italian girl, I'm 23 years old and a young architect! I'm here for improve my graphic skills! My english is a bit poor, I hope it won't be a problem :_D Thanks all! leo_f
  15. Lorenzo

    HELP ME: Photomanipulation "Girl face on other body"

    I have to change the skin color of the face like the color of the body. I already tried to use the option in "Image -> Adjustments" but with no progress, can you help me? :) *Sorry for wrong english, i'm italian*
  16. Z1000

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm Stefan from Serbia, and I'm using CS5 for photography and some posters design. Sorry for bad English :)
  17. D

    Creating 3D postcard, how can I make both of its sides to have different textures?

    Please tell me how, I googled but couldn't find the tutorial, maybe because the keywords cause of my bad English.. thanks