1. B

    Looking for Bulgarian guys

    Hello everyone.. I have a question and it is - Are there someone who is from Bulgaria in this forum? Let everyone tell where is lives... enjoy.
  2. chrisdesign

    3D Take a seat and enjoy a drink

    This lounge is a Blender replica of what you would find in my gazebo.
  3. A

    My new design

    My new design. Enjoy
  4. richardrosenman

    Richard Rosenman Advertising & Design Black Friday Sale

    Hey gang! It's that time of year (the only time of year) where I feature a sale and that's on Black Friday. Enjoy a 40% off side wide using coupon code BLK40 at checkout starting this Friday. Visit richardrosenman.com and check it out. Enjoy! (Posted with permission from admins)
  5. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to Hoogle

    Happy Birthday Hoogle enjoy your day :wave1: :beerchug:
  6. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to Revnart

    Happy Birthday Revnart :wave1: enjoy your day :beerchug:
  7. Tom Mann

    A nice hike and the first snow of the season for us

    Inspired by the challenge thread about a winter without any snow, I decide to post some actual photos (not composite images) of what the very first snow of the season looked like in this area. Yesterday, a friend and I took a nice 7 or 8 mile afternoon hike on the Appalachian Trail just north...
  8. dv8_fx

    Merry christmas to everyone...

    Enjoy the best of this special day with your loved ones..... CHEERS!!!
  9. C


    Hi everyone New to the forum and enjoy working in photoshop!!
  10. Z

    3D Nova (WIP)

    Hey guys this is my latest WIP, I started it abut 3 hours ago I wanted to spread out into the realm of high poly modelling with no intent to optimize and put into a game for once, so i could really go to work on it, and I thought a small character project would be a good place to start. I...
  11. VgT

    Untitled new job

    My new job , tips always welcomed , enjoy it (:
  12. VgT

    Anime girl

    Hey guys , that's my new job , enjoy it :D Tips are always welcomed.
  13. VgT

    Fantasy moonlight

    My first job since I've entered here , enjoy it :D
  14. C

    My Designs

    ...from last week I hope you'll enjoy it.
  15. Leo_The_Lip


    Posting to avoid the zero posts threat. I enjoy the tips
  16. W

    Drawing Tablet - Advice please

    Hello along with everything I am trying to teach myself, I would love to have an attempt at digital drawing. I am only looking for a cheap tablet as I Want to test how it works, see if I enjoy it etc. I am currently thinking about buying -...
  17. Chyina

    Greetings From Down Under

    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Chyina and I currently live in the beautiful Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. I've been dabbling, off and on, in Photoshop for about three years now, but I know I still have a lot to learn, which is why I came here. :) I enjoy making art...
  18. I

    looking to build my photoshop skills

    Hi there My name is Inessa, I am a computer science student. I've taken a photoshop class and really enjoy it! I'd like to learn new techniques and build a portfolio.
  19. G


    Hi I am new to photoshop, I will enjoy my time spent here :). Let's all get better together!
  20. T

    Hello from north of Boston

    Came here looking for help on achieving a certain effect (posted in the general forum). Photoshop is usually a secondary tool for me - I've been using it for years but am "expert" in only a few areas - there's lots of functionality I don't know. I'm a software engineer by trade, also enjoy...