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    Help Producing Flyer/poster for charitable event

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out of a bit of a problem. I organise a free Emergency Services event each year, but need a new poster/flyer that we can use to promote the event. I have done some work using photoshop/illustrator but the results are not good at all. As this is a...
  2. B

    URGENT: Flyer for Low-Income High School Event - $50

    Hello, 1) General Info I'm in need of a flyer for a low-income high school that's hosting a college admissions representative from Northwestern University next Monday, September 28. Given how soon the event is, we need this as soon as possible - ideally Tuesday or Wednesday at the absolute...
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    Please help me catch these noisy individuals

    Hi, I haven't moved yet but one of my cameras detected motion and took some snapshots... I was wondering if anybody here can help me identify the faces as the camera was not placed correctly during the event. Thank you in advance.
  4. D

    Promotion Banner

    This is a banner that I have made using various images found on the web. Is there a way to make the whole seem more realistic? many thanks!
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    Need help with a design for a city event. Money=Donated to anti-cancer org.

    Hey guys! I need help with a good design for a "Poster" for a event in my city. The event will be about "Health" and all local businesses focused on health are invited to be there and present their products/services to the public. There will be an entry fee of 10 Kr/person which will be...