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  1. B

    My old stuff

    Hi! I wanna show you some of my old things. I have made it when I was 12y old. I had a long break with Ps but now I am here to learn more. Feel free to appreciate my signatures.
  2. T

    Can someone please change the color/theme of this existing logo?

    Hi how are you, I have this logo, attached as "ORIGINAL LOGO", and I need the color scheme and theme changed. Currently it's very bland, blue and uninteresting. I want it to be sleek, luxurious, and gold with a black background. I've attached 3 logos that have the "feel" of what I want. They...
  3. ZeroCool22

    Intuos Pro Pen & Touch, surface smooth or rough?

    I'm thinking on buy one of those, but i don't want to get the suprise i got with my INTUOS, where the surfare is rough and i hate it, i love to feel NO FRICTION when i draw/retouch, i just put a print paper on it and i feel less fristion now, i use it like that since i bought it. So if someone...
  4. chrisdesign

    Time Portal

    Imagine a jump from 2017 to 2057. These are the main images I used... create this. Feel free to comment on this composite.
  5. C

    Help with Challenging Project: Will Pay for 4 or 5 Photos

    Hi, So, basically, I need your help photo-shopping 4 or 5 of my existing photos. I am currently using these photos on various online accounts and profiles etc. They are decent photos but I feel like they could (should) be much better. I was thinking of going to a professional photographer to...
  6. A

    Swapping people between pictures!

    Hi! Could someone please swap the bald guy in the black jacket from photo B, with the guy in the green checked shirt from photo A? Just to make it clear, I don't want the black jacket guy in the second picture. In his place, I want the green checked shirt guy from the first picture. Feel free...
  7. Z

    Hi there

    I'm a new member I'm looking to make friends and find help as I'm designing movie inspired t-shirts for my friend's new movie site!
  8. S

    Hello from an oldie

    My attempts to stay young include trying to learn new things and I am hoping to learn more about photoshop. That said, I still feel old.:cheesygrin:
  9. Z

    17MB image to 4MB

    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure where to leave this post and this seemed like the best place. My question is about file sizes, i created an image which is 17MB and i need it to be under 4MB what's the best way to do this? Feel free to ask more questions about the image if needed.
  10. B

    Embarrassing Stain on Shirt

    I went to a convention that was VERY expensive. I took a lot of really cool pictures with people, but the arena sold tickets way, way over capacity and everyone was a disgusting sweaty mess. It was gross. lol I'm just looking to get the sweat stains out of these photos. I feel like it should be...
  11. T

    Closed eyes

    Hello guys As you can see my eyes are half-closed on this picture. I feel like this ruined the pic. Can someone fix this problem please?
  12. G

    Hello - Newbie here

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've been a photography nut for a while now but would like to improve my Photoshop skills. Even though I've played around with Photoshop and have created a few nice things I feel like it was more luck than skill. I would like to enhance my Photoshop knowledge/skills...
  13. M

    alteration to a car

    Hello all, I tried to get some fellow enthusiasts to take a picture of my car and do some visual mods to it so that I could get an idea what the car would look like before I spend hundreds/thousands of dollars doing them, but unfortunately did not get any non-spam responses in the past month...
  14. M

    Review/Comment/Help First photo manipulation

    Hi Guys, this is my first photo manipulation and I'm struggling to make all the different elements look like they belong together, any suggestions. Also feel free to comment what you think about other parts of the image as well.
  15. J

    Suggestions on Logo

    I am creating a logo for my engineering team at my highschool. Our team name is Ninoxide. This is based on Ninox which is latin for a type of owl. The owl part of my logo looks ok but I feel like it is missing something. Could someone please help? Thank you .
  16. C

    Captain Jack Sparrow Cosplay

    Hi all, I would appreciate it if someone could transform the image into a Captain Jack Sparrow Cosplay. Halloween is coming up and i need to get a feel for it. see if it suits me for a costume.. Thanks in advance!
  17. P

    Help making a dark exposure look normal

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I took this shot in Death Valley National park and cant get it to look right when I brighten it using the simple and common single click button methods... can anyone make this photo look normal? Thanks! by California Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation.
  18. T

    Turn an object in 2D photo with 3D feel

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new on Photoshop, but I'm about to have a greatest thing in my life and would like to prepare some great photo/video in my party, I would like to modify an object in a picture and turn the object into 3D feel (Below example from youtube is exactly what I want...
  19. E

    Sportbike photoshop help

    I just picked up a new bike and took this photo of myself doing a burnout but I cannot do much with it in Pixlr, my computer crashed and I'm without PS. Can anyone help with adding a darker and more gritty feel to it? I have 2 different images to choose from and I included my edit for a feel of...
  20. M

    Embossed / Perspective help

    Hello, I am trying to achieve the look below but having a hard time getting the realistic effect. Is this done in PS? Does anyone know any tutorials for getting the perspective look as well as the real feel? I'm thinking it's a gradient layer within the emboss... Any links to tutorials would...