1. M

    Specific Please brighten face and fish!

    Hi! I’m looking for help improving the quality look of the image, lifting the shadow off of my face and brightening facial features (ex eyes, teeth, hair) and making the fish stand out. Thank you!!
  2. jkemp

    Sleepy fish in the depth of the ocean - Digital illustration

    While I mostly do creative retouching for a living, I've found myself very interested in illustration work lately... I realize this forum focuses more on the photographic side of PS, but I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say about stuff like this... 100% photoshop, of course. What do...
  3. B

    Specific Can someone please edit my snorkeling photo

    I'd like it if someone could make me tanner, make my butt look bigger and perkier/waist smaller, and also add some cool fish into the water if possible!:) Thank you so much!
  4. agentmoeller

    Pelican v. Fish

    Latest Procreate painting. With a WIP progression.
  5. agentmoeller

    Fish dinner?

    Painted in Procreate.
  6. T

    fish out of water

    Hello im new to the forum so hello to all. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for a tutorial, or any help really on how to change something into a water version of its self. I took my son fishing & would like to turn the fish i photo'd him holding into a water version for...
  7. J

    Need help editing this image

    I just need a little help with this image. My nephew caught his first fish and it was pretty big! The only problem is, is that the image makes the fish look much fore smaller than in real life. If you could please just make this fish look a little bigger, but not TOO big. Also please remove the...
  8. Z

    3D Nova (WIP)

    Hey guys this is my latest WIP, I started it abut 3 hours ago I wanted to spread out into the realm of high poly modelling with no intent to optimize and put into a game for once, so i could really go to work on it, and I thought a small character project would be a good place to start. I...
  9. F

    Edit Request: Fish Logo Outline Help

    Hi :) I've never posted on something like this before, but I'm currently trying to create a new logo for a Fishing Tackle shop that I work for, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I've completed the vast majority of it, but the outline of my fish is pants because I drew the design initially by...
  10. albertdsouza


    Beware of the giant goldfish !
  11. Vafann

    Fish Head

    I have been messing around with more of my home made patterns, who wants a headache? lol. :)