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  1. M

    Hi all

    I just ran across this forum - looks great! Looking forward to learning and contributing.
  2. J

    Hey guys!

    I'm Jacob. I'm from South Carolina. I'm a self taught photographer/designer that is trying to learn new things about Photoshop. Looking forward to gaining what knowledge I can from you folks!
  3. A

    Hi all Newbie here

    I been playing with Photoshop for years and use it mainly for post process my images . I am looking forward to learn more and connect with others .
  4. Hybrus

    shark shirt

    hi, i just want to show you this design that i made to our college intrams shirt . . . i am looking forward for any suggestions . . thank you
  5. Altaifus

    Hello to Everyone

    My name is Silviu and I am a Photoshop enthusiast and I am looking forward to work with you.
  6. A


    Hello all. I am a graphic design student. I have taken two quarters of Photoshop but I know that I have only scratched the surface of what I can do with Photoshop and I look forward to improving my skills. I have a particular interest in restoring old photographs. Thanks!
  7. C


    new here, just downloaded Cs2 today. I know nothing about it yet, but look forward to learning everything I can.
  8. C


    Greetings from Canada :) I'm a newbie ..trying to learn photo shop..looking forward meeting you all
  9. axxo


    hello everyone, axxo here -im a Photoshop enthusiast just like u guys,. most of all i love having fun with photoshop. looking forward to seeing some awesome stuff and participating in some weekly challenges for fun :) looking forward to meeting all of u!
  10. W

    Hi from GA

    Hello just trying to get used to photo shop found the forum looking forward to learning alot
  11. T

    Hy everyone

    Hi, My name is TPSForums, I like looking into photoshop used in the media, finding out when in fact the media is manipulating photos for their own agenda.. looking forward to learning a lot here.
  12. S

    Bring Forward Part of An Image

    hello i was wondering if you could get part of an image to come because i have added a vector image in and it takes over part of the sleeve on my picture. kind of like when you have a picture of two people and one person is waving and the hand is blocking your face, how you get that send the...