1. R

    Hello to all

    Been using photoshop in some way or another for over 15 years and I credit it to providing a decent way of living. While I think I know a lot about PS, always looking for the next trick / method. Looking forward to learning from the best !
  2. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Movie Projector

    For several weeks I was busy learning "Blender". Slowly I'm starting to understand how to work with this program. Progress is difficult and tough, I'm probably too old to move ahead more quickly. But today I'll still show you my first Blender job. I am proud of the result, although it still...
  3. gedstar

    Challenge #39: Submission Thread PSG, The Magazine

    :hi: All Well it's that time again, time for our latest Challenge. A big thanks to Eggy for coming up with the latest challenge :flamethro: All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during...
  4. gedstar

    Challenge #38, SUBMISSION THREAD - PSG, Revive dead things

    :hi: All Well it's that time again, time for our latest Challenge. A big thanks to Revnart for coming up with the challenge :flamethro: All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed...
  5. gedstar

    Challenge #37, SUBMISSION THREAD - PSG, When Time Passes By

    :hi: ALL Firstly a big thanks to Eggy for coming up with the latest Challenge :flamethro: OK people it's that time again, time to get creative and show us some of your skills. Entries can be posted...
  6. J


    Hi All, Just a quick note to say hello to everyone. I am an amateur photographer and would class myself as a reasonable novice with PS. Have CC photographers package so LR and PS. Can do the basics and looking forward to learning more and improving my photographs. Sure I will have plenty of...
  7. K


    Hey PS knowledgable peeps :) I hope this is the beginning of a loooong and prosperous relationship! Looking forward to being involved, thanks for having me, Kato
  8. R


    Hello.....fairly new to photoshop,being a Jasc/Corel convert.Fell in love with Lightroom3,and ended up getting Elements Premier 13 for Christmas 2014.Fast forward to today,where I am subscribed to Photoshop/Lightroom CC.I'm here to learn,so please excuse me if I ask elementary questions.Looking...
  9. B

    Creatng a 3d cracked border around a logo/image

    Morning Guru's First post here ad hopefully you can help. Am looking to create a cracked/jagged border effect around an image/logo similar to the following: Does anyone have any idea on how I can recreate a...
  10. K

    Newbie Alert !!

    Hello folks, I'm not too good at introductions but here's a quick one from me. I'm Kate, 45, from Yorkshire in the Uk. I am happily married to the amazingly patient Jim, Mum to 5 daughters and Nannie to 4 grandchildren. All in all the family takes up a lot of my time and so when I get the...
  11. Krazerg

    Hi... ! :D

    Hello guru's... :wave: I'm Krazerg,, from Bangladesh.... a total newbie to PhotoShop and stuffs. Looking forward to learn from you guys and help others. :)
  12. S

    Hi from Sarah in the UK

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests, my name is Sarah and I'm from the UK. I am an Amateur Photographer and Image Designer. I look forward to learning some new things and helping some people out too :wink:
  13. A

    Hello! I am Antonio

    Hi! I am Antonio and I am new to these forums but not new to photoshop. I have been using photoshop CS6 for a while now and I look forward to learning new things from the people on these forums.
  14. PegoMan


    Hello forum members. I live in Vancouver, WA and am using Photoshop CS5. I am trying very hard to master as much Photoshop as I can (Old man here). Am looking forward to learning more. Thanks, John
  15. R

    Hello from me

    Hi everyone My name is Andy - have always loved photography but have found Photoshop quite late - but am starting to find my feet (slowly) but really enjoy it I use Photoshop mainly for fun - Lots of photos of the kids / classic cars / Greeting cards etc I also use Photoshop for my job as I...
  16. C

    Frogman Island

    Hi, this my first post here. I look forward to your comments. All other images are my own. MOD Edit: Removed link
  17. A


    Hi I am very happy to find this forum. I have Photoshop CS6. Looking forward to everyone's:) postings.
  18. O

    Looking for critique and possibly help with an old photo facial restoration

    Hey everybody... I'm new here, and look forward to being active in this forum. I'm fairly new with Photoshop, but I've become adapt to it quite quickly. I've been working on a very difficult old photo restoration over the last few weeks, and was wondering if I could get some...
  19. J


    Hi all, I'm Jesse, I'm a relative Photoshop newbie and a capricorn. I've got a working knowledge of (most) of the basics of photoshop, and am hoping to get into some more advanced and creative work. Looking forward to learning as much as I can, and hopefully being able to help out now or in the...
  20. Rufkraft

    Greetings from Humboldt County, CA!

    Good day Yall! New member here- been using photoshop for a few years but just started getting serious about using it. Joined the community to hopefully learn some new tricks, share what I know, and take my design game to the next level. Looking forward to it. Thanks!