1. Adnan_Mustafa

    I and the forest

    I and the forest
  2. G

    Get rid of the awkwardness :3

    Hey guys, I finally managed to make a picture of my best friends sitting together. Unfortunately the guy in the middle seemed to feel a little awkward about the situation and therefore his hands are not touching neither of the girls (on the left side the hand is in the air and on the right it is...
  3. Pipsmom

    Highlight advice needed

    Need you advice guys how you deal with blown out detail...... I've ran across a few of these and they drive me loopy, blow out detail from age, this one is close to 60 yrs old and with time and neglect its going to be a a loo loo to get it to look right on the girls dress (left).....So I'm...
  4. C

    Can someone add Jennifer Lopez to this picture of two girls?

    I don't know if it's doable, but I'd love to have Jennifer Lopez next to those two girls with a similar angle to her face. The background doesn't have to remain the same. Here's a picture of Jennifer Lopez that could sort of work, but I'm not picky about what picture of her is used. My two...
  5. B

    please remove the girls in the water

    Please remove the girls from the water
  6. A

    Quick fix?

    Can you edit this so the girl's hair isn't sticking up in the front?
  7. M

    Adding a person to another photo

    I need help adding the woman in the middle of the three girls to the picture of me on the bike but her being behind me (not on the bike behind me). Please and thank you so much.
  8. P

    Can someone please fix so both girls are looking at the camera please ;)

    I was hoping someone could help me and fix one of these photos so both girls are looking at the camera together... please ;) Thank you
  9. J

    Photoshop request

    I am hoping there is someone here that could help me. My good friends father recently passed away and I would love to give him this photo, I'm hoping someone could remove the two girls from the photo. I would be very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  10. F

    Help remove cigarette from mouth

    I'm not 100% sure if I'm on the correct site but I'd like someone to remove the cigarette from the girls mouth on the right with the black hat and place it in the blond girls mouth instead! I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me! :)
  11. K

    3 girls

    I have 3 pictures of front facing girls and i would like them to be photoshopped topless. Can anyone help? Message me for pics and details
  12. Howcho

    new challenge for me (remove stain)

    Can any advise me on how to remove this stain from the poor girls face? This is my kindergarten picture. How cute?
  13. marvinslaats92

    HELP NEEDED: Glow skin / wet look / oil look

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I visited this forum, but I'm stuck on one of my projects. I'm doing a lot of fashion and boudoir / lingerie photography at the moment, and there's a lot of retouching on each publication. But, there's this tiny detail that I can't figure out. See the...
  14. Vafann

    Greenish Girls

    This is my latest thingy lol. I kind of like it for once, but I think I should maybe have had something over their heads to look at, but I ran out space up there lol. I have heard that you can somehow make more canvas space by using the crop tool or something, but I don´t remember how. If anyone...
  15. Toney Park

    Girls and car

    This is the topic I'm most interested in as a photographer, and how to make the pic pop out has always been my consideration. Here I combined one of my shots with different elements hoping something beautiful can come out. :) Though the final result looks fine too me (but please any comment...
  16. luna

    Girls having fun o yeeeee :D

    Chilling Fairys criticism welcome