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  1. I

    Senior Pics

    Please get rid of the two sun glare dots. One next to the shoulder and one next to the eye. Thanks!
  2. S

    License Plate Photo for Hit and Run Victim

    Hello, A driver hit my vehicle and drove away. a witness left a note on my vehicle with his phone number. I contacted him and he was able to send me a picture he took but I cannot make out both the license plates because of the glare. Can anyone please help so I can give to the police so we...
  3. M

    Anyway to reduce flashglare from shiny skin?

    I've got this macroshot of a grasshopper, not that it is any speciel, but I would like to learn if there are some ways to reduce that glare in the skin from the flashes? I know, it should be done by softening the light in the first place, but that's a little too late now. I know I can just clone...
  4. K

    Reduce the Sun's Glare and stabilize the photo please

    Here's a picture of me and my classmates in the seminary. It was too bad that the sun chose the wrong time to shine. Could anybody reduce the sun's glare in the first two photos like the third one? In addition, could the first two photos be stabilized so that they would not look like they were...
  5. D

    Can anyone help me remove the light glare from my friends neck??

    The sun glare hit her neck.
  6. P

    Remove harsh lighting from picture

    Hello, I realized I took this picture wrong and decided to retake it with a light tent but have a feeling I still may have a problem with glare as I have in other photos. I have two 100 watt photography lights. Is there a way to remove the glare from photos easier than the clone stamp tool and...
  7. F

    Fixing glare on edges

    Hello everyone Sometimes when i take pictures of reflective products i get this white glare on the edges. The problem is not big when i intend to use it on white background but when using in colored backgrounds this white glare makes the product looks out of place I tried some ways to fix...
  8. M

    Glare Removal and Color Correction

    I have 10 Christmas portraits that you can see the glare from the lighting on the backdrop and some of the lighting is a bit dark. The he shadowing on her face is rather dark so lighting corrections to brighten up her face and under her eyes would be great. I Need them fixed within the week if...
  9. M

    Hello Everyone! I need some serious help.

    Hey everyone, My name is Martha and I am new to the photoshop world. I need some serious help with some photos. I don't know if it's proper etiquette to just post something I need fixed but I am desperate. Plus, I don't feel comfortable posting photos of my child on sites like Reddit and request...
  10. M

    Help making glare effect like this!!

    Can someone help me make the image glare split like this???
  11. B

    Removing light glare on a wall

    Hi I am trying to remove glare from a wall. I have tried the stamp tool, but it ended up looking patchy; I tried using the masking tool and changing the saturation and colour levels but it just didn't look right. Is there any other way to do this and making it look natural - I am stumped! I...
  12. L

    Help! How do I remove glare from a picture?

    I have an interior shot of a living room. There is a framed paiting on the wall which has a reflection from the window on the opposing wall. I'm not sure how to remove the reflection while keeping the integrity of the photo. Another possible fix could be doing a mirror image of the photo itself...
  13. K


    Enter your zip code here 19004 Is there a good way to either tone down or remove the reflective glare that frequently shows up in a photo subject's eyeglasses? I have a number of otherwise nice photos, but the viewer will always see these glare spots first.
  14. G

    Help with Glare

    Wondering if this can be cleaned up or not.. quick backround to. Last night tree got struck by lightning and cuaght on fire, so when the fire truck showed up my 5 year old put on his fire cheif costume from last year and ran outside, the firmen thought it was cool and let him spray the fire for...