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  1. M

    Clarifying/Lightening Glass to look more natural on white

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on touching up some photos of a product I make, and would really appreciate any direction you can give. It's a homebrewing kit housed in a wooden base, and has proven a bit tough to isolate on white as there are a lot of glass components involved. I'm...
  2. C

    Need help with reflective glass (skyscraper)effect...

    Hi , I'm new here! I'm looking for a way to a reflective glass effect as seen in the attached pictures of the new 1 World Trade Center(Freedom Tower). Is there an effect I can do to a picture of the sky to make it look like it's reflected in windows, kind of a 'chrome' look but not quite...
  3. M

    Creating a glass pendant shine

    Hi all, I could use some help. I am making these pendants, and I need to make a template photo so that I can drop in different pictures behind a layer that makes it look like a glass dome/cabochon is there. The "glass" layer is what I need to know how to make. I want all my photos to look the...
  4. TravisHD

    Glass Text Effect Video - Overlapping Effect and Texture

    Hope you enjoy this video on creating some glass text! Final Result
  5. S

    Darkening a glass surface

    What I'm Trying To Do: darken an SUV window to make it look blacked out. How I'm Doing It: spent over 90 minutes reading through Help documents, reading about Vanishing Point and the Stamp tool (wouldn't let me even select the Stamp Tool), tried using the Paint Brush, the Lasso Tool...