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  1. M

    How to remove all Google plugins from Photoshop 2020

    In my applications folder, Adobe PS/Plugins, I have a Google folder with Color FX, HDR Efex, Dfine2 and Analogue Efex Pro 2 etc. I would like to remove them as I find they don't work so good now. How do I uninstall them please? I have Photoshop 2020 installed. I am running a Mac with OS...
  2. gedstar

    Isn't Google stupid

    Google worth billions of dollars and some of the most creative minds in IT yet they can't recognise that my homepage is already set to Google Keep getting this when I open FF :bustagut:
  3. B

    cs6 plugins

    Hi everyone ,got topaz bundle installed on cs6 ,works OK ,however i tried to add nik plugin (free from google) and it messed up everything ,what am i doing wrong?any advice? thank you.
  4. IamSam

    Firefox: Google search display suggestions?

    I'm not sure what has happened, but my FireFox Google search display is now showing results in these panels!!! Any suggestions on how to set it back to normal like this? (this is from a different browser) I have searched high and low and can't find any answers online.
  5. MoltresRider

    "paste profile mismatch" but it is NOT

    The source and destination are the same RGB profile but Photoshop insists that it is not! The error message dialog shows that they are the same but the error still occurs. I do see a "VX922" thrown in the error but when I Google it, only airplane results show up in Google. I then tried adding...
  6. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Sewing Machine Vehicle

    A Photoshop composite done with my own images of old sewing machines, and a few parts found with google. I'm open for your critique and suggestions.
  7. meggsoption

    Help! How to adjust animated gif to slower than 5 fps for google requirements?

    Hello! I have been teaching myself animated gifs to get more design work. I have one ad that didn't upload to google because it says it needs to be slower than 5 fps. I'm not seeing where to adjust this. Here's the ad... Please help! :)
  8. K

    hello everyone

    hey everyone! photoshop got me insterested. by any chance anybody knows a site or where to get pictures of places around the world that i can photoshop myself in. i know im being lazy trying to google those.
  9. B

    Architecture photo fix (Help make the sky better 2.0) $30 by Friday

    Looking for someone to remake the photo below that was made in the free section here so that it is big enough to blow up to at least 36" x 24". I had a "guy with a camera" Come to my girlfriends apartment to take pictures of her view. She has to move out and is very sentimental about the place...
  10. T

    I'm new here

    Hi, I'm new. Yes, I know my username isn't the most imaginative. I have Photoshop CC and a Wacom intuos tablet. I'm here to ask about things that Google has no relevant results for.
  11. chrisdesign


    For this composite I used these images. The guy is from The girl is from The other images I found with Google. Your feedback is very welcome.
  12. H

    Riealistic Flames...

    not sure if this is the right place for this. but for a while now im trying to learn how draw realistic looking flames in photoshop, im based myself on two diffrent taturial and references from google but i just cant get this right. any constractive critiszm and suegestion u can give me will be...
  13. A

    Looking to transform photo into art

    I have a photo of a dog, I am looking to get it changed into pop art. Something similiar to a Dean Russo style art. If you google it you can see what it looks like, Will hire and pay someone who can do it
  14. chrisdesign

    Golden Memories

    I tried to do something new for a change. I had this idea about a girl with a huge headdress. Here is what I created after many hours of work. Critique is always welcome. I found most of my images with Google. The image of the woman is from...
  15. A

    Make the new logo of Google

    Hi How can I do the new logo of google I tried to fill the "G" with the new color but the it's look ugly My G: Original G:
  16. J

    Merge 2(or more) images seamlessly

    Hello everyone! I would like to merge grass textures with a stone brick texture so it looks like a road.(The grasses grow alongside the road). I cannot find a similar tutorial in google so I decided to ask in here. Thank you!
  17. chrisdesign

    Captain Nemo's Car.

    I was inspired by an image of captain nemo's car. I tried to make a replica, though I used one of my own images of a Bugatti car. The images of the man and the woman are from Deviant, and all the other images I found with Google. Here is what...
  18. R

    Can anyone help me

    Hello folks,my name is Rorry and I am new to photoshop stuffs :) I tried really hard but did not can anyone do this stuff for me or tell me how do I get to it.. The problem is that I want it to be exactly the same.. glossy and 3 dimensional like this one is..but just want to change...
  19. chrisdesign

    Art Deco Computer

    Paul suggested in a comment in one of my last threads that I should try an image with a computer. So here is what I came up with. Critique and comments are welcome. The images I found with Google. The lady is from:
  20. gautamz07

    adding backgrounds to images with plain white backgrounds

    Hey guys i'am building a tiny websites , its a image heavy website , so alot of images . now when i made the PSD design of the website , i used images like so : i used images like the above just to give the client an idea , but when he got back to me he said the images i used were pritty ...