graphic design

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    Free T-Shirt Mockup

    Hello Guys Get this free shirt You can get the files here MediaFire Download Virustotal: Click Here
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    Hello, Photoshop Gurus.

    Hi, my name is Reece and I am a decently experienced graphic designer. I do anything from Minecraft-styled artwork to super-hero posters. I listen to a lot of country music and hate living in the city -.- ugh. My goal for graphic design is to join Variant Arts (Inkz and Zef's graphics team)...
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    Started my own Graphics Design business and Would love some feedback

    Rugby Poster designs :) Please can you guys let me know what you think of my Poster designs.Please rate my work out of 10, with feedback if possible please :)Photoshop work By LittleBig Designs. Ireland captain Brian O'Driscoll.Credit: Getty Images.Photoshop work By LittleBig Designs. Paul...
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    Paid work offer web Banners design for Hunting industry

    We are Hunting industry organization and we are very busy before launching our new website. We need your help. Please take it serious! ...and no worries we will pay you. We want this working process to be easy and smooth for both of us and without too many messages back and forth, as it all...
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    Yo! from the Garden State

    Hi Everybody, I'm a freelance graphic designer who has been working in PhotoShop for.... yikes gotta be 18 years now. Photoshop is a very deep program and there is always more to learn. I found you looking for downloadable layer styles (which I found, thankyouverymuch :cheesygrin:). So far...
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    Graphic Design Brochure

    i'm making a brochure for "graphic design".. its an assignment for school, we can either go with the simple "writing 2 paragraphs" or take it a step up and do a brochure. Im choosing this because my major is graphic design, and i like being creative.. but i have no idea where to start, any ideas...