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  1. T

    Finding neutral grey for color correction, without a grey card.

    I am familiar with using a solid color grey layer, blending with Difference and using Threshold to locate neutral grey. However, I don't understand it! In my mind, Yes, you will find neutral grey pixels in the image, but that cannot be what we are looking for. Are we not really looking for...
  2. T

    Big grey area bottom of HI RES display

    In the image attached, I have a MAC with the latest OS Yosemite hooked up via mini Display port to a Dell on 2550 x 1440 and this massive grey bit at the bottom is unusable in photoshop, see attached image. Is there a setting I have missed?Even after I zoom in that bit doesnt expand, and nothing...
  3. J

    Help removing grid lines from an electropherogram

    I have an electropherogram that has grey grid lines behind it. I tried erasing the grid lines but it is tedious since it's a long list. Is there an easy way to remove the grid lines quickly without affecting the colors of the electropherogram? I have attached a short sequence that shows the grey...
  4. C

    Using replace color w/ B&W images

    I set all my images to RGB 8 bits. When I try to change color of black and white images using Adjustments-> Replace Color all I get is shades of grey. Is there something I have not done are have done incorrectly? Thanls, Charlie
  5. N

    Photoshop keeps resetting

    Hi, can anyone PLEASE tell me why every time I shut down my computer (which is every few days), and then I reopen Photoshop (CS6), my entire settings are restored to the original (Black screen instead of grey, opens photos as tabs instead of individual, etc.) Basically anything I put a check...
  6. S

    Correcting Colour on Bridesmaid Dress Photo

    Well her is my big challenge of the week.... Can anyone advise me how I can make the skirt part of this dress ivory colour like the bodice, rather than appearing a grey gradient all the way down the skirt now. It looked good as the original photo but now that I have cut it out and put it on a...
  7. J

    Logo Development (.ai format preferred)

    Hi all, Here is my rough concept for a logo # 1 # 2 "Media" refers to modern technology so the logo should reflect this. Any feedback please - likes or dislikes as potential for development? I am not stuck with it and am free to throw it out and start again if necessary. If it is ok for...
  8. R

    Background is GRAY....or grey....

    For some unknown reason, my backgrounds are opening with a gray background. All transparent backgrounds are now gray. Background and foreground are black and white so that's not the problem. This is frustrating me because I can't figure it out and I am sure it's something simple that I am...
  9. C

    Problem wih red text over grey backgound.

    When building covers for eBooks, I have a grey background and am trying to put red text over it. It seems to be a problem with the tranparency of the text, but opacity of text is set to 100%. Would someone point me in the right direction? Attached is a sample. Charlie
  10. M

    Getting the Grey Out of Old Graphics

    Hi, I have many old graphics that I'd like to use, however, many of them have grey in them that I'd like to remove. Here's an example: You can see the grey in the face and the arms and on the umbrella. Is there a way to get rid of this that's fairly simple? Thanks so much for any help you...
  11. SeniorS

    Grey Chanell (in Grey mode) selection problem?

    Hello! I have another question about GREY images. Example: CTRL+click on grey channel theoreticly (by my theory) make selection from white depending on its value. So cuting out must leave transparent greyscale image. But it don't (okey, it do, but changes black value): The same...
  12. M

    How Do You Remove Grey from Vintage Graphics?

    I have loads of vintage graphics but many of them have a dirty looking background...the white or cream colored background looks greyed or has a browned look. I would like to know if there is any way to remove this discoloration and get the background back to a normal color. The picture below is...