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  1. R

    Help Adding the Banner image to the Group Image

    I would greatly appreciate some help with merging the 2 images in such a way that the banner looks to be a part of the actual group photo. No specifics as to how it needs to be except that it just needs to look like a part of the actual shot. Thanks in advance! .
  2. J

    Adding someone to a group picture

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could take my friend out of one picture and into one with a group. She's the one on the left in the picture with just two people. If possible could she be on the left end of the group picture? I've tried this myself but I cant seem to figure out the lighting. Even...
  3. M

    Hi from Tampa FL

    Hi! New here from Tampa FL I look forward to becoming a part of this group!
  4. H

    Making o Group Portrait out of five single ones - 30€

    Hey, this is my first request here. Im having a hard time photoshopping a group portait out of five single ones, because of the the background. Could somebody please help me cutting all five Portraits out and doing it into one. I dont have the background without any suspect in it. It would be...
  5. Inkz

    SWBC Logo + Proud Sponsor

    So I made a logo a little while back for the SWBC which I'm a avid member and now a proud sponsor of the group. Basically we as a group get together for meetings and competitions and raise money for charity like The Air Ambulance and The Lions Barber. Anyway, here's the Tee that will be...
  6. A

    Need help turning frowning relatives in to somewhat happy group

    Hi all, This is a photo of my wife's family in Greece. (My mother in law is the youngest daughter in front.) I tried various (albeit extremely novice) techniques to try and bring a little happiness to the group. Impossible for me to pull it off. That much more difficult as this is a very old...
  7. R

    Need person added to picture

    Could you add the gent with the red arrow (Team1) files to the group picture (FullSizeRender1) file. Took the picture without him...opps!! :)
  8. B


    Hello Dear Members Hoping everybody is doing well. Please, allow me to introduce myself; I am a Photoshop regular user that has a very limited scope of it usage, only basic functions; enough to get me through my daily task. I hope that by joining this group, I'll be able to ample my...
  9. D


    Hello All. I'm putting together a Wordpress site that is going to require use of Photoshop. However, I'm not all that great with Photoshop not because I don't want to be but because most of the time my time goes into coding and not so much into design. Thank you for accepting me into your...
  10. S

    Hey y'all

    Glad I found this group! I'm Sarah :)
  11. S

    Layers not automatically going into a new group

    Hey All, first time poster. In the past, when I've selected layers and pressed Control + G, Photoshop would create a new group with my layers already included in the group. With the last update, when I create a new group, I have to manually place my layers in the new group. Anyway to get it...
  12. D

    Save Groups to JPG

    First time posting! I have a PSD with multiple Groups to create Google Ads for various products. I use the same Call to Action, Background, and Logo and they sit in their own group. Each other group has the product picture, text, and price. Is there a way to automate the saving of these...
  13. J

    Placing people onto solid color background

    My A Cappella group and I just recently took photos for our cover. There are 6 of us. We each took separate photos in front of a white wall with studio lights and everything. It's my job to put all of the 6 pictures together to make it look like we took the picture as a group, but I'm having so...
  14. S

    Hello from Sunnyvale, CA

    Hi there! My name is Silke. I just bought Lori Nordstrom's class on Creative Live and she recommended this group on the first day. I've been shooting since June 2011. Today is actually my 4 year anniversary of my first shoot! You can find me on Facebook here...
  15. Z

    M24 Sniper Rifle Model

    So I recently tasked myself with making an M24 for a group I work with. I wanted to expand my horizons out a bit, I'm so used to organic modelling that I wanted to dive into something slightly out of my depth. so I present to you my second weapon project: high poly- no texture(bipod is...
  16. N

    Actions Run an action ABOVE another action with a group in it

    Ok folks, I am trying to run an action ABOVE a GROUP that is in another action- In other words, I want to run an action which as a group in it- leave te group active, so that I can use the layers I n that group t adjust things- bu I want to run another action immediately above this action...
  17. P

    What's the pre-composition equivalent in photoshop?

    In after effects you can place things inside compositions then maneuver within these compositions when you need to and change things and it'll reflect in your main composition. What is the photoshop equivalent? Basically what I'm trying to do is apply effects with an adjustment layer and have it...
  18. B

    I am getting nowhere fast! I need a little help with Logo ideas.

    I have been tasked(volunteered) with creating a logo design for a technical group in the Northwest. The name is solid but am so new to the creative arena Ive been going in circles with ideas for a month, as well as expressing them in PS. CS6 I have the whole cc suite The business card design...
  19. S

    Just Starting Out

    Good Day everyone! This is my first post within the group and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a member. I have not used Photoshop in many years, but I want to get back. I will leave my introduction brief because I do not if this is the section I should post what brought me t...
  20. B

    Duplication of groups of layer

    I have found some psd resources to improve my web designs. I open them and I try to take a group of layers, duplicating them on my working file. The group has been copied but in all attempts I can't see the imported elements in my file. In what have I been wrong? Thanks to all