1. gedstar

    Macro 15

    Can you guess what this is
  2. gedstar

    Guess the Macro 14

    Here's another one, wouldn't want Sam to feel left out :cheesygrin:
  3. gedstar

    Guess the Macro 13

    Here's number 13
  4. gedstar

    Guess the macro 11

    Can you guess what it is
  5. chrisdesign

    Guess the macro 10

    What is this?
  6. Eggy

    Guess the macro 09

    OK, lets see how fast this can be identified
  7. gedstar

    Guess the macro 08

    Here's one
  8. Eggy

    Guess the macro 07

    See if anybody can guess what it is!
  9. Eggy

    Guess the macro 06

    Hmmph, not much activity lately. Maybe most are still recovering from the Hollydays. Lets do a guess. This time no mercy, it needs to be correct... I will only provide a 'chill/heat' factor.
  10. J

    My Granddaughter

    Is there any suggestions of what could be done to improve and can you guess how I done this pic? I tried to get to look like a painting . Here is a before here is after
  11. D

    Help Wanted for Secret Santa

    Hello All, I have an idea about putting my father in laws face in a few classic film posters. I can get them printed but guess I need a good hi res image. If anyone cal do this for me I would appreciate it. Regards Dan
  12. Eggy

    Guess the macro 04

    What could this be?
  13. gedstar

    Guess the macro 03

    OK time for macro 03 can you guess what this is?
  14. Eggy

    Guess the macro 02

    OK, since it is a slow day let's do another one:
  15. Eggy

    Guess the macro

    Let's revive an old tradition and make you guess what object this is Let's begin with an easy one
  16. Jerry D

    Forum changes

    I see things are being moved around. Housekeeping? While you're rearranging, could someone fix this? I know it's a tiny thing, but now that i've noticed it, I can't un-see it. Just anal, I guess.
  17. M

    Need a PSD file altering.

    Hi We have a current psd file that we use to produce an image, We would like to have it improved as it doesn't really give the outputted image that we want. Can send a copy of the PSD file for anyone interested and pictures of what it produces and the desired result. My guess is that it is not...
  18. A

    Image comparison

    Hello guys! I'm currently working on my final paper about lens testing. I want to do a image comparison like this: So I basically want to over lay my two images perfectly and then somehow blend one over the other (in the middle). I guess for the most of you this is an pretty easy job...
  19. Paul

    Try to identify this close-up photo

    A image shot close up your mission should you so wish to try, is guess just what the heck it might be? :mrgreen:
  20. Paul

    Standard point and shoot images.

    Nikon coolpix S3500 Macro on i cropped it to ask you to guess what it is. :mrgreen: