1. W

    Specific Cut tiger's head out

    Could someone please photoshop the tiger's head out of the picture and make a png of it, preferably without losing pixel density and quality. Thanks
  2. G

    Specific Can you make me look bald?

    Can someone make me look completely bald? My hair has been thinning for a while and I’m considering shaving my head buzzed. I’d really appreciate it
  3. L

    can some fix the angle and photoshop persons head

    Someone who can make this picture look straight please .
  4. T

    Please remove man in background and pen out of my hand

    Hi There, Could someone please remove the man in the background (and also the lion head fountain behind his head) and just make the wall that stucco salmon colored finish. Also, I'd like the green sharpie marker removed from my hand. Many thanks!!!
  5. P

    Please photoshop these two images together!

    Hello all, I need to make a D&D character for my friend. Can you please take the head on this first image and use it to replace the head that's on this second image Thank you!
  6. M

    Remove locks on the left side of the head

    Hello, please help me to remove the two dreadlocks on the left side of the head. Thank you
  7. A

    Fantasy Football Profile Picture

    Hello! Can someone help me with this request? I would like Christian Hackenberg's head: to replace Hulk Hogan's head in this photo, while keeping the rest of the picture: Thank you! -Adam
  8. Pipsmom

    What is it and how to get rid of it

    I've done this once before and I don't know how it occurred or how to stop doing it...probably hit the wrong key along the way...What is that (cross 1 ) on her head in the screen shot
  9. G

    Need this photo edited.

    I would love someone to Photoshop either picture in anyway that relates to lord of the rings for example make it look like my dad is licking Bilbo's head I would like this done preferably by tonight as it's his birthday in the next few days (keep it sfw please) Thank you
  10. M

    Photoshop Tiara Removal Request

    Hey could someone help remove the tiara from my head please ? Thanks.
  11. chrisdesign

    3D Art Deco Armchair and Sculpture

    This is my first Blender work, using Cycles Render. The head inside the ring is postwork in PS. Critique and comments are welcome.
  12. S

    Outline with transparent background from photo

    Hi been trying to work out how i can do this with no luck....I have a photo of a dogs head - i want to end up with an outline of this on a transparent background - i have been selecting the head using quick selection tool and then going to blending mode and stroke so i get the outer line ok but...
  13. J

    Power Ranger Project

    I have this image of the Power Rangers... I want to make 2 version of this image. 1. Where all the Power Rangers appear to be the black power ranger (Change colour of their suits to black) 2. The opposite of the first picture... I want them to be all white with black highlights. If anyone...
  14. C

    Replace the head, Remove pimples and make any manipulations in car like lens flare...

    1. Remove pimples in this photo and patch the broken sunglass frame...and cut the head... 2. replace the head in second photo head..and do any colourful manipulations in the car..use lens flare effects Sorry for bad english....Reply ASAP Please help me...i need to use this photo urgent...Please
  15. N

    Help with this baby pic

    There is a big bubble in the head of the baby, can you make it dissapear please.
  16. M

    Need help switching pose

    Hi, I like the photo with the jacket on but I like the hair on the other photo without it. Can anyone switch the head of the one without the jacket to the photo with the jacket? I like the hair prop up more. Thanks
  17. hershy314

    The secret room

    Simple photo manipulation I recently done. Haven't really done one in a long time, so I'm sure it's not as good as it could be. I can't even tell ya where the idea came from, it just popped in my head. Though I was watching a thing on Area 51 while I created this so maybe that had something to...
  18. C

    After Effects Can you help me find out if my idea will even work using Ater Effects and CA

    Please help, can you use the lip sync feature during a head turn? Will all mouth animations follow the movement of the head, including size and angle changes? i am planning on using after effects on my real life stop motion clips (silicon models). So basically similar to robot chicken, but...
  19. Matt8444

    A quick head swap

    Hello, The family picture my eldest son isn't really engaging with the camera (I've no idea why it's been uploaded upside down :question:) If anyone can help me I'm just after a simple head swap with the second picture I've uploaded. Any help much appreciated Kind Regards :thumbsup:
  20. J

    Please photoshop my cats head onto a white background

    Could someone please photoshop my cats head onto a white background. Want to get this printed on canvas as a present for my girlfriend. Would be much appreciated! Thanks!