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help me please

  1. N

    Marquee Tool - Marching Ants Not Showing While Dragging

    While drawing a selection with the marquee tool, the marching ants selection lines aren't showing anymore but do display after I've finished making a selection. They used to display while drawing but all of a sudden stopped. I've tried the following: - restarting Photoshop - resetting the...
  2. C

    Image Quality Enhance HELP!

    Hi Guys, first post in here is I feel a bit cheeky but I massively need some help! I recently started my own clothing company and decided to go for the highest quality print which is screen printing, however my images are according to the printers are not as high quality as they could be, they...
  3. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  4. L

    Can anyone help please?

    Hi, i need some help if possible and a few requests for a few pictures. I was wondering if there is anybody that would be able to take people out of 1 photo and add them to another with other people?Basically, my brother and his wife have experienced the worst tragedies any parent could even...
  5. K

    Can you help me??

    Hello everyone. I have a YouTube channel and am in need of some help. i need a banner and logo made and was wondering if anyone can make one for me. My Channel is called SnapbackFitness. Can anyone Please help me i would be very grateful. here is the link to my channel...
  6. P

    Help Editing a Photo

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone could please help me out. I do not have Photoshop, so I just downloaded GIMP tonight. I am beginning to learn the ropes but would really like a photo edited in the mean time. There is an annoying pipe in the 2 attached photos that I would like to be...
  7. E

    [Game][PhotoEditing] Christmas Postcard Help

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am known as Exodor! Well i have a few small simple requests that could be done very easily by someone who knows his way around. Basically i have a few screenshots. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Well i've filtered them. But not the postcard.. Since you...
  8. S

    Can someone photoshop this for me?

    Can anyone photoshop this picture for me? I just want to monkey to look like he's not behind glass. So basically make all the scratches go away. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!
  9. W

    Photoshop noob/ request

    hey guys i'm a total photoshop noob and hardly even know hot work a pc let alone photoshop but i have this request i need the logo in the center in the following picture removed without damaging the background. This is reaaaaallly important for me! can somebody please help me with it...
  10. O

    Help me photoshop this please!!

    Hi, I'm new to this and I need some assistance! I need the girl with the umbrella and the girl standing right behind het removed from this image. If anyone could help me, it'd be much appreciated! Thank you :)
  11. L

    Cutting Out Heads

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was an easier way of cutting out human heads on Photoshop as at the moment the cut outs that I am making are really unrealistic and choppy (I am using the quick selection tool and then using the eraser to make the outline smoother). Thankyouuuuu! :cool2:
  12. P

    Urgent photoshop help needed! :((

    Hey people! I've to create a poster using photoshop for my school project (Its an exam btw so I really really need serious help!) but I have never used photoshop in my life before. I tried to create the poster but then I struggled a lot for a few days. :( I have drafted out the design by...
  13. N

    CURSER CHANGED NEED to get back original

    Hello quite some time ago, my cursor changed from the normal arrow/pointer type, to a very faint, horizontal group of small arrows(? I think) and I have tried the usual methods to restore the cursor..but it does not stay. can anyone tell me why, and how to correct this? it is trouble some as...
  14. N

    HELP!! with brush set....question

    Hi guys...could someone PLEASE HELP ME identify the brush set used in this design and where to get it??? I ALSO need to know the FONT used in the NAME of PRIMAL ROOTS I need to use it for something and I cannot locate it . in case that link does not work, please look up IMAGES PRIMAL ROOTS...
  15. M

    trying to add same design from ine image to another can anyone help

    the red car on the left i have been working on for at leat 48 hrs im tring to the the red car look like the one on the right (second image) the big problem is whatever i do the image does not look real and i can not get the design on the second image to go on the first please can someone help, i...
  16. M

    please help? tshirt design

    I have tried to do this myself but it didnt turn out too good. I would like to take the picture of me, if possible, put me on a white background, and if possible edit out my tattoos and maybe make it look like im not wearing socks. Put the tv in place of my head, and maybe edit out the legs of...
  17. P

    Plz help regarding perspective text! Oh please!

    Hello everyone I've been lurking the site for awhile but need some real help and would appreciate some words of advice. I use Photoshop CS4 and I really need the prices on these tags to match the angle of the tags. I have tried Transform- Skew, Distort, Perspective, Warp and even messed with the...