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[Game][PhotoEditing] Christmas Postcard Help


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am known as Exodor!

Well i have a few small simple requests that could be done very easily by someone who knows his way around.

Basically i have a few screenshots.

Picture 1

The Edited Picture 3.jpg

Picture 2

The Edited Picture 2.jpg

Picture 3

The Edited Photo.jpg

Well i've filtered them. But not the postcard.. Since you know... (I would like the postcard to look in a vintageish 1970 style)

Okay now to my request. Im wondering if someone could do the following

1 Put my pictures in a whiteish postcard (same lightning i hope) in order
The Photo 5.png (Please don't question my paint skills :D)
2 Make it like the picture i posted with paint. (Don't use my paint postcard, find one on the internet)

3 And if you could add the following to the text in a pretty good cursive style

''Lovely Village'' Next Row ''Took a few pictures'' Next Row ''Then i ran into complications'' Next Row ''To Stockholm'' and then last ''Merry Christmas, E-WarsZ3''

Okay that is all i ask
There are is one misc think i would like.. but it is are optional
Add tape or a gemclip (whatever) to the pictures in the postcard.

Okay well that is all. I hope it isn't much to ask...

If you help me you have my Gratitude!


P.S If this could get done before 11PM Friday the 20th. Because i need it before the 21st of December.


  • The Photo 4.jpg
    The Photo 4.jpg
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Oh right i forgot

1: I posted a picture by mistake

2: The Text goes like Picture 1: Lovely Village Picture 2: Took a few pictures Picture 3: Then i ran into complications
I'm so confused. If you painted those, why can't you make a simple post card? I'm just curious.
You'll be better off asking this in the freelance section IMO