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  1. Eggy

    3D Blender - Let Me Out!

    Just to pass time and an idea after helping out a member...:biglaff:
  2. S

    Why hello

    Just wanted to say hello. Located a hop, skip, and jump from Rochester NY. Appreciate all the users that lend a helping hand. Regards, Sepen
  3. B

    I need someone who's good on making shapes and tribals

    so basically i would like to change those shapes u see in the circle and get something like that: here's the logo (it has transparent background) Sorry if u can't see it,it's just above. Once downloaded,dont use white backgrounds ,use a black or a transparent background to see it properly...
  4. G

    Hello Everyone.

    Hi All, I am a pro photographer and part-time student (old!) and am an experienced Photoshop retoucher and image manipulator in Nottingham, UK. I am looking forward to helping others on here as well as learning new techniques and pushing my creative boundaries within Photoshop and photography.
  5. P

    Logo edit?

    Hey first time user here. I do not personally have photoshop so thats why I am asking you guys. This is a logo made by a professional logo designer. It is not a logo that is used in any business or with any money involved, but it means a lot to me. In my opinion the logo looks great, but it...
  6. M

    Looking for partner!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for someone (boy or girl) skilled/loyal partner to make small business in designs like selling logo, avatar, overlay (stream), gaming logos, YouTube banner and all, also helping people like making tutorials and editing, if you are interested. Please contact me for more...
  7. Paul

    Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for CC 2015

  8. S

    Hi from Sarah in the UK

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests, my name is Sarah and I'm from the UK. I am an Amateur Photographer and Image Designer. I look forward to learning some new things and helping some people out too :wink:
  9. E

    Hello Gurus!

    hello, i have to say i do not no anything about Photoshop but i am ready to learn. : thank you for helping me in advance! Eszter
  10. hawkeye


    Please help my friend Ali Gamal to feed the poor people in Egypt. Even if you can only afford a dollar, it will go a long way towards helping these homeless adults and children.
  11. R

    Hello all!

    Today is day #1. I hope to be a regular on this forum and learn from others as well as contribute to helping others learn. I've been tinkering with photoshop for a few years now and over the last year taking it as well as my photography much more serious. I stay up many nights tossing and...
  12. T

    Help with photoshop

    I need someone to help me photoshop 2 pictures into 1, nothing big, I think its a simple thing. I just dont know how to do it, and I dont have photoshop. If someone is interested in helping pls PM me.
  13. C

    Hello From Alberta Canada!

    Hi, I love photography and I have some Photoshop experience but not a lot as in high school I loved being in the darkroom, still do I just don't have one. Thanks in advance for helping with my questions and hopefully I can eventually learn more so I can help others.