1. E


    Hi, I'm Ella, I'm very new to photography and my photoshop skills are very basic so I'm really hoping for as much help as possible Thank you
  2. L

    Would love some help!!

    Hi everybody!! It's nor often I get a picture taken when I'm suited and booted but last week I managed it for Henley Regatta. A decent picture was actually taken before I got too drunk and I was hoping to use it as my LinkedIn profile picture, the only thing is is that you can see my...
  3. D


    hello PSG. i was just wondering if this is possible to restore to its original quality as seen on the photo BORDER. I would be very grateful if somebody could advise me of HOW. i am of limited skills, so here is hoping it can be done. I am wishing to keep all the photo and not crop it. i am new...
  4. G

    Hello :)

    Hi! I am a Photoshopper form California. I have been using PS for personal and professional use for ages, but just the basics. Hoping to learn more from you fine folks!
  5. C

    Hello Everybody

    I've been learning PS for the last year or so by watching tutorials on the internet. It's getting to the point where I already know much of what they are teaching. Now I'm hoping to add some image retouching to my portfolio. edit 3/29: After rereading this it sounds like I'm boasting. I only...
  6. O

    Photoshop Request: Cosmetic Changes

    Photoshop Request: Cosmetic Changes [*UPDATE*] Hi Gurus, Thanks for setting up a request page. I'm hoping for a few cosmetic changes to a picture taken of me about a month ago but just shared with me today. In the past month I've lost a lot of weight, so I'm hoping for the following changes...
  7. A

    Making a drawing look old..?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread on the forums! I have a drawing that I would like to make look like sort of an old painting from around the 17th century. I have no real idea how to go about with this and I was hoping for some advice :D This is kind of the style I'm going after: And this is...
  8. A

    Where to start? How can i learn to get this good?!

    Hi All, I am really new to the world of animation and was hoping for some guidance, i was hoping that some day i could possibly be able to do this : https://www.behance.net/gallery/26183403/Tullys-illustration-campaign Do my own animated images, with my own characters designed by me? Where...
  9. M

    hi new member from uk

    hi everyone I am hoping to get some great advice and looking to learn
  10. J

    Photoshop request

    I am hoping there is someone here that could help me. My good friends father recently passed away and I would love to give him this photo, I'm hoping someone could remove the two girls from the photo. I would be very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  11. N

    Template Creation

    Hi All I have recently registered on this site and posted in the "introduction" forum. I am hoping someone can help in the creation of a template, it's a little strange and I'm not 100% sure it is possible but thought I would ask anyway. I am hoping to create a template that I can load a...
  12. R

    hello all!

    hi all complete newbie, learning by youtube tutorials! love what i have learned so far, but so much more to learn and hoping for some great experience and learning through the professionals here.
  13. H

    New to Photoshop Guru

    Hello, just joined today. Sorry can't bring much to the party but I'm hoping too someday. Have a good day
  14. N

    Hi guys Im new!

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum. I like to take pictures of my statues and baby girl :) Im hoping to learn new techniques and get help on topics.
  15. C

    Help!!!! Need to catch this robber!

    Hello everyone, I am begging for your help in catching the scumbag who robbed my mom this weekend. He came up behind her and snatched her purse, knocking her over and dragging her along the sidewalk. I have some footage of the guy but no skills in video editing or photoshop. I know there...
  16. J

    Who knew photoshop was so complex?

    Hi, I've played with Photoshop for some time now but find my knowledge limited and tutorials can only help if your problem is specific. With your help I'm hoping to make subtle improvements/adjustments to my pin hole photography and art work. Cheers Jono1100 (Owen)
  17. J


    What's up guys and gals? My name is Justin. I live in Alabama. I'm looking to get into some graphic designing. Hoping to learn alot on the forums
  18. S

    Please help :(

    Hello everyone I am new here! And I am desperate to know how to achieve an effect and I am hoping someone here can tell me please... The effect is this: I hope someone answers :( thanks!
  19. K

    Challenging photo edit - person removal

    Hi all I have this photo from many years ago. I love the pic but have not been with the girl for years and years and would like to see if she can be erased (from the photo) I have tried myslf using GIMP but my extremely limited knowledge andskill make the results less than mediocre so was...
  20. Hybrus

    Low quality image for vector art portrait

    Greetings guyz, I am currently doing a vector portrait, Is there any possibilities to improve the quality of this image? I just want to improve the details and I need to make the image more clearer So when I posterize it in photoshop it will give me good results and details. Hoping somebody out...