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  1. D

    Gradient over image

    Hello! I am brand spanking new here and a novice at Photoshop, but learning. I have something I am trying to mimic and I was hoping to get some help. I have been trying everything that I know and it of course is a failure. I was hoping that someone could explain to me how to accomplish this task...
  2. K

    i need you now more than ever

    yesterday i posted a pic and asked for a plate number off the truck that stole my bike...i feel like you guys can help..i got a better photo and was hoping you can do anything at all with it
  3. N


    Hi everyone , Joined up to hopefully annoy everyone with all the questions I might have lol j/k it's been awhile since I have used PS so I am a bit rusty , hoping to brush back up on it and learn a few new tricks and tips along the way , Thanks for having me
  4. B


    Hello! I have always enjoyed photography but am a novice when it comes to editing. Hoping to learn some things!
  5. J


    Hi I just joined, I hope this is the right kind of site for me. I am no Guru for sure. I am having a problem with my Photoshop at the moment and I am hoping I might find/get some help here on this forum. Off to have a look around. Cheers
  6. E

    Colour subject with B&W background help

    Many moons ago I was able to do this edit in a previous version of Photoshop. But I seem to have lost my way on it again, So im hoping you guru's can help me to recall how its done. I want to have a COLOUR subject against a B&W background. from what I recall you have to create a second layer...
  7. T

    I need help making a clan logo PLS

    I know you would be doing this free of charge for a complete stranger but i was hoping to get a clan logo made for my call of duty team. I am not very good at photoshop yet im still learning so i was hoping someone skilled and kind enough to help me would. I'm looking for a Faze or Optic type...
  8. D

    Recreating a 3D font...

    Hey PG, long time no see! I have a bit of a specific question here; I have a piece of source material and I need to replace one of the words in the image with a different word, but emulating the same font/coloration/lighting etc. As a noob, I haven't attempted anything like this yet, and I was...
  9. R

    New member

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to learn but also have a quick outlet for PS help. I use it mainly for Photography as I've started my own side business. Here's hoping I build my skills with all your help! ~R
  10. V


    hello everyone thank you for accepting me to this forum. Hoping to learn lots. Vince
  11. R

    Photo Enhancement / Touch Up of 3 Images / $50.00

    Hoping to recruit a guru for some retouching / photo enhancement. If what I am asking is much more work than proposed payment of $50 ;please advise. I may be able to complete some of these tweaks myself to save you some time and effort. I do have some time, 1 week. Plan on getting a couple of...
  12. M

    Hi from Melissa

    Hi there, I've been shooting professionally for years, but my deep dark secret is that any joy I derive from shooting is largely overshadowed by my fear/misery of Photoshop. I just don't find it at all intuitive and I struggle mightily with using tutorials to improve my technique. I'm hoping...
  13. Hoogle

    Just hoping to win today

    my Come on England just to show some support in the Rugby world cup
  14. B

    Hi everyone, in new to photoshop, im hoping someone can help, thanks.

    Hi im looking to reproduce a nice effect than the brand of Moet and Chandon champagne have created for one of there bottle. Im looking for nice water and flame effect in order to reproduce the effects on the image below. Hope someone can help, it will be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. J

    Hoping to receive help!! Myself a newbie :)

    I just want the background in the attached image to be changed....that is.... everything except the rug should be removed from the pic and a nice background should be added...(Even if rug removed...not a problem...) I tried doing myself but i wasnt comfortable...i am sure the for the Gurus out...